SAP ISU Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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SAP ISU CRM Module will Cover

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  • Utilities Industry Overview
  • Introduction to SAP IS-U CRM
  • ISU CRM  Master Data 
  • Business Process Documentation (BPD)
  • System Configuration rationale and steps
  • Functional Specification Identification and documentation.
  • Training Manual Preparation 


SAP ISU Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The SAP IS-U CRM ( SAP IS Utilities Customer Relationship Management) is a Industry Solution from SAP which address the needs of a customer oriented utility company. In the next pages we’ll refer to SAP for Utilities Industry Solution simply as SAP IS-U CRM. Along with standard SAP R/3, SAP has provided solutions that cater to the special demands of a particular Industry and are seamlessly integrated with the components of standard SAP.
Example. A equipment defined in standard SAP R/3 PM can be used while creating a device in SAP IS-U. These are called Industry Specific solutions. SAP IS-U CRM component is a Sales & Information system that supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company. The core SAP IS-U CRM application is a consumption billing system that valuates measured and flat rate consumption and services. Though Services (but not consumption) can also be billed and invoiced using standard Sales & Distribution(SD).

Course Syllabus

  1. Customer Interaction Centre
    • 1.1 Enquiry (Complain,account position,bill,meter etc)
    • 1.2 Request (Eg. E-bill)
    • 1.3 Complaint (E.g.order to handle the complaint)
  2. Master Data Creation
    • 2.1 Create Customer Contact
    • 2.2 Business Partner
    • 2.3 Contract account
    • 2.4 Contract
    • 2.5 Create Service Order
    • 2.6 Batch Program
  3. Customer Complaint Handling
    • 3.1 High Consumption complaint/ developed/ Over/ Wrong reading complaint
    • 3.2 Payment/ credit not adjusted
    • 3.3 Vigilance complaints
    • 3.4 Wrong disconnection
    • 3.5 Load Dispute
  4. Move-In
    • 4.1 Move-in document layout
    • 4.2 Move-in welcome letter
    • 4.3 Determination of move-in date
    • 4.4 Alignment of move-in after device installation
    • 4.5 Reversal of move-in
  5. Work Order Management
    • 5.1 New Connection
    • 5.2 Device Installation
    • 5.3 Device Removal
    • 5.4 Device Replacement
    • 5.5 Device Investigation
    • 5.6 Disconnection
    • 5.7 Re-connection
    • 5.8 End of Supply
    • 5.9 Temporary Supply
    • 5.10 Load Change Site Investigation
  6. Move Out
    • 6.1 Normal move-out
    • 6.2 Demolition case
    • 6.3 Move-out to join Statement Billing
    • 6.4 Change of name
    • 6.5 Move-out after Six months due to non-payment

Topic Covered


CRM for Utilities

Business Processes


IC WinClient

§Customer Interaction Center Overview
§IC WinClient Configuration

IC WebClient

§IC WebClient Overview
§IC WebClient Architecture
§IC WebClient Configuration
§IC WebClient Development

Replication and Master Data

§Middleware for Utilities
§Technical Replication Process


§CIC Calls & Front Office Processes

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