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What is Physics?Scope and excitement of Physics,Physics technology and society,Fundamental forces in nature,Nature of Physical laws

Physical World Class 11 Notes Chapter 1

Physics is the study of matter, basic principles and laws of nature along with their manifestations. The study of physics is mainly involved in the explanations of the diverse phenomena of its concepts.

Definition of Physical World

The physical world is referred to as the complexity in nature and solving its own complexities will give us new insights into this physical world. It is referred to as the analysis of nature conducted in order to understand how the world around us performs.

What are the Fundamental Forces of nature?

In this diverse world, the fundamental forces which govern the phenomena occurring in it are:

  • Gravitational Force – it is a universal force that exists which is of mutual attraction between any two objects by virtue of their masses.
  • Electromagnetic Force – is the force between charged particles. If charges are in a state of rest, it is given by Coulumb’s law whereas when they are in motion, they generate a magnetic field, hence the name electromagnetic forces as they are inseparable. They also act over a large distance as seen in the case of gravitational forces without the intervention of any medium
  • Strong Nuclear Force – in a nucleus it binds protons and neutrons. It is the strongest of all the fundamental forces and is charge-independent acting between proton-proton, proton-neutron, or neutron-neutron
  • Weak Nuclear Force – observed only in some nuclear processes. Example – β-decay of a nucleus. It is not as weak as the gravitational force but weaker than electromagnetic and strong nuclear force

What are the laws of conservation in nature?

The conservation laws in physics are very important when it comes to understanding the subject. The laws are:

  • Laws of Conservation of Mass
  • Laws of Conservation of Energy
  • Laws of Conservation of Momentum
  • Laws of Conservation of Charge etc

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