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Online Test Series 1 -NEET & AIIMS Past Years based -Motion in a straight line

Instructions to candidates

Answer all the questions.
For each question, choose the answer you consider to be the best and indicate your choice
The Negative mark for each Incorrect answer is 1 marks.
The maximum mark for each correct answer is 4 marks.

Online Test Series 2- NEET  Past Years  Based – Motion in a straight line -1

Motion in a straight line AIIMS Past Years Paper – pdf
Motion in a straight line Solved Example 1 – pdf
Motion in a straight line Solved Example 2 – pdf
Motion in a straight line Solved Example 3 – pdf
Motion in a straight line Solved Example 4 – pdf
Chapter Weightage %
Physical World, Units and Measurements 2
Motion in a Straight Line 1.5
Motion in a Plane 1.5
Laws of Motion 3
Work, Energy and Power 4
Gravitation 2
System of Particles and Rotational Motion 5
Mechanical Properties of Solids 2
Mechanical Properties of Fluids 2
Thermal Properties of Matter 2
Thermodynamics 9
Kinetic Theory 3
Oscillations 1.5
Waves 1.5
Electric Charges and Fields 4.5
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance 4.5
Current Electricity 8
Moving Charges and Magnetism 2.5
Magnetism and Matter 2.5
Electromagnetic Induction 4
Alternating Current 4
Electromagnetic Waves 5
Ray Optics And Optical Instruments 5
Wave Optics 5
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 6
Atoms 1.5
Nuclei 1.5
Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits 6

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