SAP ISU Billing and Invoicing

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Billing and Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing module explain the process that starts with Billing and Invoicing and finishes with Bill print out. Here you will also get knowledge of all ISU/CCS master data and functions relevant to Billing. Detail analysis of rates and prices modelling is presented in most simplistic way.

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  • Introduction of Billing
    – Business Scenario
    – Billing in ISU Data Model
    – Utility Industry : Term explained
  • Billing Master Data
    – Billing Class
    – Rate type
    – Price
    – Operand
    – Variant Program
    – Rate
    – Fact Group
    – Schema
    – Rate Category
  • Invoicing
    – Invoicing Functions
    – Account Maintenance
    – Due Dates
    – Credit Processing.
    – Joint Invoicing / Integration
    – Outsorting in Invoicing
    – Invoice Reversal
  • Billing
    – Billing overview
    – Billing reversal and Adjustment
    – Manual Billing
    – Billing Exception
    – Billing Outsort
    – Billing Exception

Course Syllabus

  1. Billing Master Data, Rate structure, Creation and Execution
    1. Billing Class
    2. Rate type
    3. Rate Category
    4. Operands
    5. Prices, price categories, Price types
    6. Rates, Rate line items
    7. Facts
    8. Schemas, Working with schemas
    9. Rate Determination
    10. Discounts/Surcharges
  2. Important Billing Functions
    1. Billing Tasks
    2. Billing periods
    3. Special Billing functions
    4. Process of Billing
    5. Entry of selection
    6. Billing & Simulation
    7. Document Information
    8. Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)
    9. Billing Reversal Process
    10. Manual billing
  3. Invoicing
    1. Invoicing Overview
    2. Tasks of invoicing
    3. Invoicing Processing
    4. Budget Billing procedure
    5. Payment plan categories
    6. Creation of Budget billing plan
    7. Payment plan (Creation and Configuration)
    8. Payment schemes (Creation and Configuration)
    9. Invoicing reversal (Basic settings for Invoicing reversal)
    10. Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)
    11. Lock Reasons for Invoicing
    12. Bill Printout
    13. Bill form
    14. Control Parameters for bill printout
    15. Classification criteria of billing line items

In This Course You will Understand  the following:

  • Billing and Invoicing Overview
  • Periodic Billing Cycle
  • Data Elements of Billing Process
  • Billing exceptions and errors
  • Unscheduled Billing
  • Billing simulation
  • Invoicing simulation
  • Joint invoicing
  • Collective Billing
  • Billing reversal and adjustment
  • Batch Billing
  • Billing master data


  • Contract Billing
  • Billing Master Data and Basic Settings
    • Rate Structure
      Rate Determination
      Period Control

      • Prices
        Creating Prices
        Display/Change Prices
        Deleting Prices.
    • Discount/Surcharge
      Creating Discounts/Surcharges
    • Creating Variant Programs for Events in Billing
      • Triggering of Events
    • Termination of Billing
    • Billing Procedure
    • Backbilling and Period-End Billing
    • Dynamic Period Control (DPC)
      • Customizing for DPC
        Processing Meter Reading Data in Dynamic Period Control
        Executing DPC Billing
        Changing a Billing Document During Dynamic Period Control
    • Consumption History
    • Budget Billing Amounts
    • Corrections fr. Dyn. Backbilling in the Periodic Billing Period
  • RTP Billing
    • Consumption Billing Based on Profile Values in the SAP System
      Consumption Billing Based on Profile Values in an External Syste
      Billing Execution
      Billing Process
      Display of Billing Document
      Extrapolation Function and Statistics Functions
      Simulation Scenarios
      Definition of Simulation Scenario Categories
      Definition of Simulation Scenarios
      Execution of Simulation Scenarios
  • Additional Functions
    • Outsorting
    • Processing Outsorting Lists
    • Reversal Functions
    • Billing Reversal
    • Adjustment Reversal
    • Reversal of the Adjustment Reversal
    • Manual Billing
    • Manual Billing
    • Example for Manually Billing a Rate Customer



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