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IB Physics, Chem, Bio, Math,Geo, History,AP Physics, Math, Chem,Bio, A-Level, iGCSE, IIT JEE/NEET...

  • IB

    IBDP Physics

    Measurements and uncertainties, Mechanics.Thermal physics..Many More..
  • IB

    IBDP Biology

    Cell Topic, Molecular biology, Genetics..Many More..
  • IB

    IBDP Chemistry

    Stoichiometric relationships,Atomic structure,Periodicity..Many More..
  • IB

    IBDP Math AA

    Number and algebra,Functions, Geometry , trigonometry,Statistics .Many More..
  • IB

    IBDP Math AI

    Number and algebra,Functions, Geometry , trigonometry,Statistics .Many More..
  • IB

    IBDP Geography

    Geographic themes,Part two: SL and HL core ,HL core extension..Many More..
  • IB

    IBDP  History

    Prescribed subjects(Five),World history,HL options.Many More..

AP Physics 1

Mechanics, Waves and Sound, Electrostatics and DC Circuits.Many More..

AP Physics 2

Fluids,Thermodynamics, Electric Force, Field, and Potential.. More..

AP Physics C:E&M

Electrostatics,Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics More..

AP Physics C:Mechanics

Kinematics,Newton’s Laws of MotionWork, Energy.Many More..

AP Chemistry

Atomic Structure and Properties Many More..

AP Chem.. Concise Summary Notes

All Topics


AP Calculus AB

Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Many More..

AP Calculus BC

Parametric Equations, Polar Coordinates, Many More..

AP Biology

Chemistry of Life,Cell Structure and Function.Many More..

A Level Math (9709)

Quadratics,Function, Coordinate geometry.Many More..

A Level Bio (9700)

Cell structure,Biological molecules.Many More..

A Level Physics 

Physical quantities and units,Kinematics.More..

A Level Chemistry 

Atomic structure,Chemical bonding.More..
  • iG

    iGCSE  Maths

    Number,Algebra and graphs,Coordinate geometry…Many More..
  • iG

    iGCSE  Physics

    General physics,Thermal physics,Properties of waves…Many More..
  • iG

    iGCSE  Biology

    Living organism,movement into and out of cell..Many More..

SAT – Math

Heart of algebra,advanced mathematics,data analysis.Many More..

SAT – English

Reading – Science,Literature,History.. Writing and Language, Many More..

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