IB MYP Practice Questions and Resources

IB MYP Revision and Resources included Exam Style Questions etc.

IB MYP Programme

The IB Middle Years Programme is a holistic course of study that aims to develop students with excellent breadth and depth of knowledge. It is a challenging program, but is one that produces students who flourish intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically.

MYP eAssessment offers students opportunities to demonstrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding, international-mindedness, critical and creative thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to apply knowledge in unfamiliar situations.

Exam Style Practice Questions, Notes and Past Paper for IB MYP

IB MYP 4-5 Physics 

IB MYP 4-5 Physics  Exam style  Questions

IB MYP Physics  Study Notes

IB MYP  4-5 Biology

IB MYP  4-5 Biology On screen style Practice Question

IB MYP Biology  Study Notes

IB MYP  Year 4-5 Chemistry 

IB MYP  Year 4-5 Chemistry  On screen style Practice Question

IB MYP Chemistry Study Notes


Most frequent questions and answers
IB MYP  eAssessment comprises three strategies for assessing what students know and can do:
  1. ePortfolios of carefully defined coursework.
  2. on-screen examinations
  3. personal project

At IITianAcademy we will provide ample practice questions to perform well in On – Screen Examinations. Check more details here. IB MYP Physics Exam Style Questions


Every school has more or less their own unique way of making students go through the IB MYP courses, since myp is somewhat a ‘framework’. We have listed down most common taught syllabus for various courses.


The IB introduced a new MYP assessment model in 2016 that includes mandatory moderation of the Personal Project, ePortfolios and on-screen examinations in MYP Year 5.


MYP Grade is calculated based on four criteria and grade boundaries.  A typical example of grade allocation is depicted in pics below.


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