IBDP Math analysis and approaches SL: IB Style Questions with Solution Paper – 1

Paper 1

 New IBDP  Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL- Syllabus


  • Time: 45 minutes (30 marks)
  • 30 multiple – choice questions (core)
  • No marks deducted from incorrect answers
  • Data booklet provided
  • 20% weight

Full marks are not necessarily awarded for a correct answer with no working. Answers must be supported by working and/or explanations. Solutions found from a graphic display calculator should be supported by suitable working. For example, if graphs are used to find a solution, you should sketch these as part of your answer. Where an answer is incorrect, some marks may be given for a correct method, provided this is shown by written working. You are therefore advised to show all working.

IB Diploma Maths analysis and approaches IB Style questions SL Paper 1

Topic 1: Number and algebraSL content

Topic 2: FunctionsSL content

Topic 3: Geometry and trigonometry-SL content

Topic 4 : Statistics and probability-SL content

Topic 5: Calculus-SL content

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