AP Physics 2: Concise Summary Notes

Course Content

AP Physics 2 is the equivalent of the second semester in the college-level introductory course, covering the topics of fluid mechanics; thermodynamics; electricity and magnetism; optics; and quantum, atomic, and nuclear physics.

Units Exam Weighting
Unit 1: Fluids 10–12%
Unit 2: Thermodynamics 12–18%
Unit 3: Electric Force, Field, and Potential 18–22%
Unit 4: Electric Circuits 10–14%
Unit 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction 10–12%
Unit 6: Geometric and Physical Optics 12–14%
Unit 7: Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics 10–12%

About Advanced Placement(AP) Exams: Conducted annually in May, APs are college-level courses which enable you to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both while you are still in high school

About AP Physics exams

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