IBDP Maths Applications and Interpretation: IB Style Question Bank HL Paper-1

Paper 1


  • Time: 150 minutes (150 marks)
  • No marks deducted from incorrect answers
  • A graphic display calculator is required for this paper.
  • A clean copy of the mathematics HL and further mathematics HL formula booklet is
    required for this paper

 New IBDP  Mathematics: applications and interpretation  HL Paper 1- Syllabus

Topic 1: Number and algebraSL content

Topic 1: Number and algebra– AHL content

Topic 2: FunctionsSL content

Topic 2: FunctionsAHL content

Topic 3: Geometry and trigonometry-AHL content

Topic 4 : Statistics and probability-SL content

Topic 4 : Statistics and probability-AHL content

Topic 5: Calculus-SL content

Topic 5: Calculus-AHL content

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