IB MYP Biology e-Assessment Exam Style Practice Questions

The IB MYP Biology  e-assessment consists of nine broad topics:
  • Cells                                             
  • Organisms
  • Processes                                                    
  • Metabolism
  • Evolution                                                                   
  • Interactions with environment
  • Interactions between organisms
  • Human interactions with environments
  • Biotechnology
 IB MYP Biology 4&5 Topic Coverage for  e-Assessment
  • Cells (tissues, organs, systems, structure and function; factors affecting human health; physiology; vaccination)
  • Organisms (habitat, ecosystems, interdependency, unity and diversity in life forms; energy transfer and cycles [including nutrient, carbon, nitrogen]; classification)
  • Processes (photosynthesis, cell respiration, aerobic and anaerobic, word and chemical equations)
  • Metabolism (nutrition, digestion, biochemistry and enzymes; movement and transport, diffusion; osmosis; gas exchange; circulation, transpiration and translocation; homeostasis)
  • Evolution (life cycles, natural selection; cell division, mitosis, meiosis; reproduction; biodiversity; inheritance and variation, DNA and genetics)
  • Interactions with environment (tropism, senses, nervous system, receptors and hormones)
  • Interactions between organisms (pathogens/parasites, predator/prey, food chains and webs; competition, speciation and extinction)
  • Human interactions with environments (human influences, habitat change or destruction, pollution/ conservation; overexploitation, mitigation of adverse effects)
  • Biotechnology (genetic modification, cloning; ethical implications, genome mapping and application, 3D tissue and organ printing)

MYP eAssessment

MYP eAssessment offers students opportunities to demonstrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding, international-mindedness, critical and creative thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to apply knowledge in unfamiliar situations.

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