IB MYP Biology : Process – aerobic and anaerobic Practice Question

IB myp 4-5 Biology – Practice Questions- All Topics

Topic :Process-Aerobic and Anaerobic

Topic :Process– Weightage : 21 % 

All Questions for Topic : Photosynthesis; transport in plants; xylem; phloem; transpiration and translocation; roots; tropisms; monocots and dicots; structure of leaf and stem; rate of transpiration and factors affecting it;Cell Respiration,Aerobic and Anaerobic


Explain whether bacteria that rely on aerobic respiration for their energy could survive in the mesocosm.


Ans: Aerobic bacteria can survive using oxygen from photosynthesizing microbes.


a) Of the 4960 kJ of energy that the detritivores take in, 33.7% is lost as heat. Calculate the percentage of the energy taken in by carnivores that is lost from them as heat.


Ans: (1705/2790)×100% = 61.1%

b) Suggest reasons for the difference in the percentage of energy taken in that is lost as heat.


Ans: Carnivores are more active; carnivores use energy to hunt prey.

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