CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 English Core with Solutions

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus For English Core 2021

CBSE Class 12 syllabus for English has three sections:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Writing Skills
  3. Literature and Long Reading Skills

Let us now look into the detailed CBSE English Core Class 12 syllabus for each of these sections.

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus For English: Reading Comprehension

Section A will have two passages carrying a total of 20 marks.

A. One unseen passage with a variety of Objective Type Questions, including Multiple Choice questions and Short Answer Questions to test comprehension, interpretation and inference. Vocabulary such as word formation and inference of meaning will also be tested. The total length of the passages will be between 800 – 900 words. Five Multiple Choice type question and Seven Objective Type Questions (total 12 Marks) shall be asked from this passage.

The passage will include one of the following:

  • a) Factual passages, e.g., instructions, descriptions, reports.
  • b) Descriptive passages involving opinion, e.g., argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text.
  • c) Literary passages, e.g., extract from fiction, drama, poetry, essay or biography.

B. The second passage will be of 400-500 words. Note-making and Abstraction will be assessed – i. Note making (4 Marks ) ii. Summary (4 Marks).

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus For English: Writing Skills

The NCERT Class 12 English syllabus for Writing Skills carries 30 marks and comprises the following:

A. Advertisements and notices, designing or drafting posters, writing formal and informal invitations and replies. One question out of the two Short Answer Questions – 4 Marks

B. Letters based on verbal/visual input – One question out of the two Long Answer Questions to be answered in 120-150 words – 6 Marks

Letter types include

  • a. Business or official letters (for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing orders and sending replies),
  • b. Letters to the editor (giving suggestions or opinion on issues of public interest), and
  • c. Application for a job

C. Two compositions based on visual and/or verbal Input may be descriptive or argumentative in nature such as an article/a debate/ a speech or a report- Two Very Long Answer Questions containing internal choice, to be answered in 150-200 words. (10×2=20 Marks)

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus For English: Literature And Long Reading Text

Section C carries 30 marks and comprises the following:

A. Eight Objective Type Questions – 4 from one poetry and 4 from one prose extract to test comprehension and appreciation. (8×1=8 marks)

B. Five out of Seven Short Answer Questions based on prose/drama/ poetry from both texts (5×2=10 Marks)

C. One out of two Long Answer Questions to be answered in 120-150 words to test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the texts. (6 marks) (Flamingo)

D. One out of two Long Answer Questions to be answered in 120-150 words to test global comprehension along with analysis and extrapolation. (6 marks) (Vistas)

Note that Flamingo is the English Reader for CBSE Class 12 and Vistas is the Supplementary Reader.

The different chapters – prose and poetry – included in Flamingo are as under:


  1. The Last Lesson
  2. Lost Spring
  3. Deep Water
  4. The Rattrap
  5. Indigo
  6. Poets and Pancakes
  7. The Interview
  8. Going Places


  1. My Mother at Sixty Six
  2. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
  3. Keeping Quiet
  4. A Thing of Beauty
  5. A Roadside Stand
  6. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

The chapters in Vistas are as under:

  1. The Third Level
  2. The Tiger King
  3. Journey to the End of the Earth
  4. The Enemy
  5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy
  6. On the Face of It
  7. Evans Tries an O-Level
  8. Memories of Childhood
  9. The Cutting of My Long Hair
  10. We too are Human Being
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