CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Set 1 solved

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Set 1

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language & Literature – Paper 1


Question 1.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Galapagos penguin-species of penguin characterized by the presence of a narrow C – shaped band of white feathers, that extends from the eye to the chin on each side of the head and a single band of black feathers, that cuts across the large region of white feathers on the breast. Galapagos penguins, the most northerly of all penguin species, inhabit the western part of the Galapagos Islands; however, some individuals may occasionally venture to other islands in the archipelago. Compared with other penguin species, the population is small, numbering no more than a few thousand individuals.

Galapagos penguins are among the smallest of all penguin species. They average about 53 cm (about 21 inches) in length and weigh from 1.7 to 2.6 kg (about 4-6 pounds), males are slightly larger than females. Juveniles, in contrast, have a grey head and black and white underside. They also possess white patches of feathers on their cheeks. The chicks are covered in a fluff of light grey downy feathers.
Galapagos penguins subsist on small fish. Adults and juveniles are food for sharks and Galapagos fur seals in the water. On land, all age classes are vulnerable to the native Galapagos hawk and to predators, such as dogs, cats, rats and other birds of prey.

The young are produced throughout the year and nests are built with rocks and twigs or within lava rock depressions within about 50 meters (about 165 feet) of the shoreline. Most breeding pairs are monogamous for life, and prolific pairs can produce up to three clutches of eggs per year, with females often laying two eggs per clutch. The eggs are deposited in the nest within four days of one another, and incubation is shared equally between the parents. The incubation period lasts 38 – 42 days, after which both parents provide for their chicks by alternating feeding and guarding duties on a daily basis until the chicks are 30 days old. The chicks continue to remain in the nest when they are between 30 and 60 days of age, sustained by periodic feedings by their parents.

Unlike most other penguin species, Galapagos penguin chicks do not join “creches” (groups). The fledging period continues until the chicks are 60 – 65 days old and they become completely independent at age 3-6 months. Galapagos penguins can live as long as 15 – 20 years, but most succumb to predation or to food shortages caused by the periodic, but dramatic, changes in nearby ocean currents.
Answer the following questions briefly :

(a) What is the characteristic feature of a Galapagos penguin ?
(b) How can a female penguin be identified ?
(c) How do the penguins make their nest ?
(d) How does the baby penguin’s appearance differ from that of an adult penguin?
(e) Why do most of the Penguins die early ?
(f) Why are the penguins not safe on land ?
(g) Why are Galapagos penguin chicks different from other penguin species ?
(h) How are the penguin chicks raised ?


(a) The characteristic feature of Galapagos penguin is presence of narrow C- Shaped band of white feathers, that extends from chin on each side and single band of black feathers, that cuts across the large region of white feathers on breast.
(b) Female penguins are smaller than males/or males are slightly larger than female penguin.
(c) Penguins build their nest with rocks and twigs or within lava rock depressions.
(d) The chicks are covered in a fluff of light grey downy feathers.
(e) Penguins succumb to predation or shortage of food due to changes in ocean.
(f) Penguins are killed by Galapagos hawk, dogs, cats or rats and other birds of prey.
(g) Unlike other penguin species, Galapagos penguin chicks do not join creches, (groups).
(h) Both penguin parents provide for their chicks by alternating feeding and guarding duties.

Question 2.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
I know poverty and misery and I quite appreciate by personal experience what it is to be poor, what it is to have no clothes, what it is to have no books, what it is to struggle through life, what it is to walk through the streets without an umbrella, without conveyance along miles in dusty roads. I have been through it all and I can understand the difficulties that most of you graduates have to face today. I am speaking from a long experience of 60 years. Please do not imagine that all the 60 years are milk and roses. To be able to accomplish something, I want to tell you that you have to go through such experiences.
I admit, success in life is not always to the intelligent or the strong, and it is to some extent a bit of a gamble, but nonetheless, those who got their minds right and those who know their job sooner or later, will sooner perhaps than later make their way in life. But they should not be disappointed if they do not, they have to face up life and take it as they find it.
What I say is this that the great things in life are not really great things in life. What I love is to enjoy the common things of life. I am happy that I am still able to sleep at night provided I have three miles walk in the evening. I am still able to enjoy a good lunch or a good dinner. I am still able to look at the blue sky and like it. I still like to walk in the open fields and like the smell of the Ragi or the Jowar.
We think that happiness consists in going to pictures and seeing thrilling films and techni-colour dramas. Not at all, the great things in life are the God-given things which cost nothing. What you need is the desire to appreciate them. If you have your minds and hearts open, you have around you things which give you joy. There is the butterfly jumping about in flourishing colours on all sides. Look at the wonderful thing that God has given for our enjoyment.
We have to love nature and appreciate nature and appreciate her wonderful gifts, of nature’s marvelous ingenuity, it’s resourcefulness, and infinite variety. It is the same thing that -has inspired me all my life.
(A) Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) How had C.V. Raman’s childhood been difficult ?
(b) Why has life been termed as a gamble ?
(c) How does C.V. Raman’s speech inspire us ?
(d) What instances, quoted by C.V. Raman in his speech, show that he was a nature lover ?

(B) Choose the best option from the words given below which mean the same as :

(a) despair
(i) disappointment     (ii) hopelessness         (iii) misery                  (iv) distress
(b) endless
(i) unlimited                  (ii) continuous          (iii) infinite                  (iv) unreachable
(c) prosperous
(i) rich                            (ii) flourishing           (iii) wealthy                  (iv) fortunate
(d) exciting
(i) joyful                         (ii) funyy                    (iii) exhilarating            (iv) thrilling


(a) During his childhood, C.V. Raman had no clothes, no books, no cohveyance.
He had to walk along miles even without an umbrella.

(b) Life has been termed as a gamble as it is not sure that the intelligent or the strong would certainly succeed in life.
(c) In his speech, C.V. Raman told us the easiest way to enjoy life, we should enjoy the common things of life, love and appreciate nature, appreciate it’s wonderful gifts, marvellous ingenuity, resourcefulness, and infinite variety.
(d) The instance “There is the butterfly jumping about in flourishing colours on all sides, look at this wonderful thing that god has given for our enjoyment”, show that he was a natue lover.


(a) (i) disappointment
(b) (iii) infinite
(c) (ii) flourishing
(d) (iv) thrilling


Question 3.
There is a busy road in front of your school. A large number of students have to cross the road while going back home. They run a great risk. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Editor, Navjiwan Times, Agra drawing attention of the concerned authorities to the problem. Make a request to mark a zebra crossing and to put traffic lights in front of your school. Your are Amit/Anita, Class X, New Age Public School, Ram Nagar, Agra.
Write an article in 100-150 words on ’Importance of Morning Walk.’ You are
Amit/Anita. Use the following clues:

  •  makes you rise early
  • fresh air
  • blood rushes through your body
  • energy for the day
  • hungry for breakfast
  • good for studies
  • all day active

Objective : lo use an appropriate style and format to write a form a ban informal letter. Note : No marks are to be awarded if only the format is given. Credit should be given for the candidate’s creativity in presenting his/her own ideas.
Format – 1 mark

1. Sender’s address
2. Date
3. Receiver’s address
4. Subject/Heading
5. Salutation
6. Closing

Content – 2 marks Expression – 2 marks
— Coherence and relevance of ideas and style – 1 marks
— grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling -1 mark
Value Points : Individual writing the letter – problem – its consequence – solution (as given in the question)
Detailed Answer:
New Agra Public School
Ram Nagar
March 30, 2017
The Editor
The Navjiwan Times
Subject: Request for zebra crossing and traffic – lights
Immediate attention need to be drawn to the traffic menace on the road in front of New Agra Public School, Ram Nagar. The road always remain congested and traffic jams are common here. The major concern arises due to the heavy rush of vehicles on the road. There are no speed breakers or zebra crossing on the road, which makes it tough for the people, especially school students, to cross the road. Thus, this road has become accident prone. I, a student of class X, New Agra Public School, on behalf of the students and school authorities, request you to make provision of marking zebra crossing on the road so that crossing on the road would not be a life threatening task for the children and other people. The authorities are also requested to put traffic lights in front of our school so that the traffic should be controlled in a managed way.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours sincerely,
(Class X)
A good physical workout is the key to a healthy life. Contrary to the beliefs of the young generation, there need to spend hefty amounts on fashionable gyms to stay fit and healthy One of the most effective and yet cheap way to stay healthy is walking and specifically walking in the morning.
A morning walk can do wonder for one’s body. A walk in the fresh air leads to proper blood circulation in the body. If creates heat, which leads to the burning of excessive fat and helps you get back into shape. Also it makes you rise early, and creates good space for breakfast in your stomach. Just 20-30 minutes of brisk walk can control the cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases and keep the body weight under control.
However, morning walk cannot work independently. It has to be accompained with a balanced diet. It is important that people should understand the importance of morning walk following a proper diet plan to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Question 4.
Complete the story in 150-200 words which begins as the following :
Ram and Mohan, two brothers, studied in a village school. One day they were returning from the school. On the way there was a forest


Write a story in 150-200 words based on the following outline :
two cats — hungry — a loaf of bread — can’t divide — each greedy — wants more — a clever monkey — offered to help — bit by bit — ate the bread — his fee — bread finished — cats foolish — still hungry.
Format -1 mark
Title and moral of the stody (1/2 + 1/2)
Creative Content – 5 marks Expression – 4 marks
— Coherence and relevance of ideas and style – 2 marks
— grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling – 2 mark
Suggested Value Points:
(The outline is given in the question paper)
Detailed Answer:
Ram and Mohan, two brothers, studied in a village school. One day they were returning from the school. On the way, there was a forest. They were getting late to reach home. Ram asked Mohan if they could take a shorter route that passes through the forest. Mohan showed his apprehension, saying that he had heard a lot of horror stories about the forest. One of his friends has told him that a white coloured creature used to roam in the forest and attack peopie. Hearing this, Ram iaugnea ana asked Mohan to stop believing in these false stories. Ram somehow managed to take the forest route along with Mohan. On their way, they suddenly heard the loud trumpet of an elephant. A white elephant appeared there, Mohan got scared feeling that the elephant might be wild enough to attack them. Ram asked Mohan not to run as this could lead to the elephant’s fury. Holding Mohan’s hand, Ram approached the elephant. Fortunately, he was carrying two bananas in his school bag. He gave it to the animal which made the cute elephant their friend. Mohan also showed his love to the elephant by patting on his neck. The brothers became friend with the elephant and named it ’Dodo. Now, Ram and Mohan always take the forest route to meet their new friend and play with him.
Two cats were prowling together in search of food. One of the cats saw a big loaf of bread. The problem occurred when the loaf of bread could not be divided equally among the two. Actually both of them were greedy. Each one wanted the bigger piece. It gave rise to quarrel between them.
The first cat said, “Give me the bread. It is I who saw it first”.
The other cat said “Keep away from it. It is I who picked it up.”
They were fighting and fighting. But there was no solution. Just then, a monkey passed by. He thought of taking an advantage of the situation.
He came to the cats and said and offered to help them. He aid in a loud voice. “Don’t fight. Let me divide the loaf equally among you both”. The bread was handed over to the monkey.
The monkey split the loaf into two parts. He shook his head and said, “Oho! One is bigger. One is smaller”. He had a bit of the bigger and now said “Oho! This has become smaller now”. He ate from the other. In this way, he ate the whole loaf of bread bit by bit. Inspite of being sorry he said that it was his fee. The bread was finished by him. The poor cats remained hungry and disappointed.

Question 5.
Complete the paragraph given below with the help of options that follow:
You play to win but a good sportsperson knows that defeat may also come along once
in a while. There are times when others
(a)_ _ _ _ _ do better than you do. What youlook to do is to maximize your chances of success. And
(b) _ _ _ _ _ only way you
(c)  _ _ _ _ _  do that is by being yourself. Be alert
(d) _ _ _ _ _ think positive 4

(a) (i) are      (ii) is        (iii) will           (iv) have
(b) (i) a         (ii) an       (iii) the            (iv) some
(c) (i) are     (ii) were   (iii) have         (iv) can
(d) (i) but    (ii) soar    (iii) whereas   (iv) and


(a)   (iii) will
(b)   (iii) the
(c)    (iv) can
(d)   (iv) and

Question 6.
The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line against which a blank has been given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer-sheet against the correct blank number as given in the example.
Remember to underline the word that you have supplied.
Tourism is one in the biggest businesses
in the world generating on least
288 million jobs. It is vital for an
economies of much countries. But
it is a major contributor on climate change.
Error                               Correction
e.g.            in                            of
(a)   _ _ _ _ _                  _ _ _ _ _
(b)  _ _ _ _ _                 _ _ _ _ _
(c)   _ _ _ _ _                  _ _ _ _ _
(d)  _ _ _ _ _                 _ _ _ _ _


Error                                 Correction
(a) on                                   at
(b) an                                   the
(c) much                             many
(d) on                                  in

Question 7.
Read the headlines given below and then complete the sentences that follow:
(a) Illegal construction pulled down.
In view of its ’clean up’ operation a multi-storeyed building _ _ _ _ _ yesterday.
(b) Ban on smoking in public places.
The government has announced that smoking _ _ _ _ _ with immediate effect at all
public places.
(c) Bomb explosion, hundreds affected. Hundreds were seriously injured when several simultaneously in a crowded market yesterday.
(d) Elections in J & k have been _ _ _ _ _

(a) was pulled down
(b) will be banned
(c) bombs exploded
(d) postponed


Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
Question 8.
They look like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky. I knew I could not fly up and cover them, and I did not have enough fuel to fly around them to the north or south.
(a) What are ’they’ here ?
(b) Explain the figure of speech used in the above extract ?
(c) Which word in the passage means the same as ’sufficient’ ?
(d) Did the writer have’enough fuel ?


Ausable was, for one thing, fat Very fat And then there was his accent Though he spoke French and German passably, he had never altogether lost the American accent he had brought to Paris from Boston twenty years ago.
“You are disappointed,” Ausable said wheezily over his shoulder.

(a) Who is Ausable ? To whom is he talking ?
(b) How is Ausable different from others of his class ?
(c) Which word in the above passage means the same as “the tone of speaking some particular language”?
(d) Name the languages mentioned in the passage.


(a) ’They’ are storm clouds.
(b) The figure of speech used here is simile. The storm clouds are compared to black mountains using ’like’.
(c) ’Enough’ means ’sufficient’.
(d) No.


(a) Ausable was a secret agent. He is talking to Fowler, a reporter.
(b) Ausable is different from other secret agents as he is very fat. Moreover, he lives in a room where there is no environment of romantic and thrilling adventure.
(c) ’accent’.
(d) German, French and American.

Question 9.
Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each :

(a) What kind of a girl was Peggy ?
(b) What are the three things that can’t happen in a treeless forest ?
(c) What went wrong when Horace Danby robbed at Shotover Grange ?
(d) Why was Bholi’s father worried about her ?

(a) Peggy was the most popular and pretty looking girl. She was hypocrite who could be kind at one time and make fun of someone at other time. She was a good artist, She protected children from bullies, cried when animals were ill treated, but made fun of Wanda.
(b) empty forest – no bird : no insect; no sun (any other relevant points)
Detailed Answer:
The three things that cannot happen in a treeless forest are—the sitting of a bird on trees, the hiding of insects and the burying of feet in the shadow of the forest, resulting in empty forest no forest, no insect and no sun.
(c) While Horace Danby was inside the house for the the lady in red came and announced that she was the owner of the house. Her appearance was such that he was fooled. She asked him to open the safe for her. Horace left his finger prints all over there. Hence, he was arrested.
(d) Bholi’s father was worried about the fact how he would marry her. This was because Bholi not only looked ugly due to the pock marks but she was also like a dumb cow. To top it all, she used to stammer also which caused her father to be very much concerned about her.

Question 10.
Answer the following question in 100-120 words :
Imagine you are the seagull’s mother. You wanted him to fly and your plan worked. Write a page in your diary to describe how he ventured into his flight.


It is morally incorrect to invade another country / planet for one’s own benefit. The Martian’s did not understand the value of peaceful coexistence. How did the book of nursery rhymes save the earth from the Martian invasion ?
Monday : 25th June, 20xx
10:30 p.m.
Dear Diary
Today I am feeling very happy. Finally, all my children are able to fly. Coaxing the youngest one was a real ordeal. He just refused to get off the ledge. We tried every method but failed. After nearly 24 hours, I could see that he was feeling really hungry, so I decided to play trick with him. I took a piece of fish in my mouth and flew close to the ledge. Maddened by hunger, he stepped forward to get the fish, lost his balance and fell outwards. Instinctively, he spread his wings and found that he could fly. It was the proud moment of my life. I shall never forget it.
Good Night Diary.


Value Points:

• The Martians led by their leader launch an inter-planetary attack on the earthlings.
• The Martian space probe reached Canterville Public Library.

— They come across the book of nursery rhymes “Mother Goose”.
— They misinterpreted the rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” – terrifies the Martian invaders.
— They abort their plan and make good their escape.

• “Man is a social animal” (Aristotle)

— Peaceful coexistence is fundamental to the survival of human race.
— It is totally incorrect to invade another country.
— “There are no winners or losers in a war”
— The Martians seemed to be ignorant of this reality understood by human race-though little too late.

Detailed Answer:
The Martines, lead by their leader Think Tank, planned an inter-planetary attack on the Earthlings. Think Tank completely misinterpreted the book of nursery rhymes and interpreted it in a verbal manner. When Omega read the nursery rhyme ’Mistress Mary’, he was shocked to discover that on earth, metals can be grown in fields. He thought that the earthlings had discovered how to combine agriculture and mining and were now able to grow high explosives. When Omega transcribed ’Hey Diddle Diddle’, he thought that the animals on earth were also ready for a space attack. When he saw the image of Humpty-Dumpty, he thought that it was his own brain and the earthlings were planning to capture the Mass Central Control and therefore, they got ready to save their own lives instead of invading the earth. Thus, the nursery rhyme book saved the earth.
Hence we see that the book of nursery rhymes saved the Earth from Martian invasion.
We know peaceful coexistence is fundamental to the survival of human race. It is totally incorrect to invade another country. But Martians planned to do so. They seemed to be ignorant of the reality that there are no loosers or winners in the war- both the sides suffer.

Question 11.
Answer the following question in 200-350 words :
What are Helen’s views about the works of Shakespeare ?


Justify the famous quote for Helen Keller, that she is the greatest woman of our age.


Anne considered her family lucky or unfortunate while living in the annexe. Comment.


Paper has more patience than people. Justify.
Value Points:
• Helen came to know about Shakespeare from Lamb’s/Tales from Shakespeare’
• She was in love with Shakespeare
• Enjoyed his sonnets and songs was much impressed with his great tragedies especially “Macbeth” and “King Lear”
• Could never forget the tragic scenes – felt horrified and surprised
• Began to wonder ’to what extent man can degrade himself if he is drifted from the path of God’
• Read his plays but did not favour the critical analysis and commentary written about them.
Detailed Answer:
Helen came to know of Shakespeare and his plays through her reading of ‘Lamb’s ’Tales from Shakespeare’. She was much impressed with his great tragedies such as ’Macbeth’ and ’King Lear’. She could never forget the dagger scene—Lady Macbeth’s little white hand and then disturbance of her mind. In ’King Lear’ when she read the scene in which Gloster’s eyes were put out, she was filled with horror which stuck to her memory. She was surprised to read the characters of Shylock, Saten and Judas. She began to wonder to what extent man can degrade himself if he is drifted away from the path of good. She continued reading Shakespeare’s play, though she did not favour the critical analysis and commentary written about them. It made her fall in love with Shakespeare. She enjoyed his sonnets and songs.


Winston Churchill called Helen Keller “the greatest woman of our age.” In her childhood, she contracted an illness which the doctors described as “an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain” which could have been scarlet fever or meningitis. The illness left her deaf and blind. The world had become dark and silent for her but then, Miss Anne Sullivan entered her life. She stayed with her till her death. They had a lovely relationship. She taught her how to communicate. She used to spell words into her hands which later rolled onto sentences. Helen was quick at learning and that. she learnt everything that was taught to her. When Helen learnt that she was different from others others did not use sign language but talked with their lips, she felt vexed but gradually she learnt how to communicate effectively. She used to feel every object and made crude signs to make others understand what she wanted to say. The summer of 1887 also provided her sense of belongingness with the rest of the world. She came in contact with nature and felt how beautiful mother nature is. She felt the beauty in the fragrant words, in every blade of grass and realized that birds and flower and she herself were happy peers. She felt the love for birds when she was presented a canary as Christmas gift. She took great care of him but felt a deep sense of pain when a cat pounced upon the canary and ate him up. Her first experience in the ocean also taught her a great deal. In fact, life itself was her guide and she went on the path of life to the peak of knowledge, holding Miss Sullivan’s finger gently but boldly.


Anne’s feelings about the annexe constantly kept on changing. Most of the time, Anne felt that she and her family members were fortunate to have the annexe as a place to hide. She valued the kindness and generosity of her father’s non-Jewish colleagues who risked their lives to provide them with food and supplies. However, Anne often felt bad about the miserable physical and emotional conditions of the annexe; and the confinement bothered her. She missed the joy to see nature and A the sky, Anne had to live with eight people under severe conditions e.g., she had no privacy, it dealt with clashing personalities, they were living there in the fear of being discovered. Above all, she felt herself lonely since she had no companions except Peter in the annexe in whom she could confide.
However, when Anne compared her deprived freedom with her Jewish friends and family members who had probably been arrested and sent to concentration camps, such as her friend Hanneli, she was extremely thankful to still be alive.


As a thirteen-year-old girl, Anne felt that all her friends and family misunderstood her. Thus, she turned to the diary as a new friend and confident, counting on the diary to be the sympathetic with non-judgmental ear that couldn’t be found elsewhere. After the Frank family shifted to the annexe, Anne felt herself even more misunderstood. She thought her mother to be cold and callous, and also-felt that the other adults considered her a nuisance. The diary offered Anne much solace in the annexe because she was in need of a true companionship. Until she befriended Peter, Anne had no one other than her diary with whom she could openly share her fear, anger, sadness, and hope. Anne called the diary “Kitty” She considered it a close friend. She hoped that she’ld be able to confide everything to it.
Anne frequently turned to her diary for comfort and support because she never wanted to burden the already overtaxed adults with her own concerns. Thus, Anne felt that paper has more patience than people.

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