CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Set 3 solved

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Set 3

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language & Literature – Paper 3


Question 1.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
Kausani is situated at a height of 6,075 feet in the central Himalayas. It is an unusually attractive little town. It covers just about 5.2 sQuestion km. It lies to the north of Almora in Uttarakhand’s picturesque Kumaon region.

Kausani provides the 300 km. wide breathtaking view of the Himalayas. It is the most striking aspect of this place. Snow-capped peaks are spread in a stately row. They stare at you in silvery-white majesty. The most famous peak on view is Nanda Devi, the second highest mountain in India. It is situated at a height of 25,645 feet and 36 miles away as the crow flies. The other famous peaks on view are Choukhamba (23,420 feet) and Trishul (23,360 feet). Then there are also Nilkanth, Nandaghunti, Nandaghat and Nandakot. On a clear day, the blue of the sky makes a splendid background to these peaks. At sunrise and at sunset, when the colour of the sky changes to golden orange, the scene gets etched in your memory.

When Gandhiji visited this place in 1929, its scenic beauty held him spellbound. He named it the ’Switzerland of India’. He prolonged his two days stay to fourteen days, making time to write a book, ’Anashakti Yoga’. The place where he was staying was originally a guest house of a tea estate. It was renamed ’Anashakti Ashram’ after the book.
Kausani is the birthplace of Sumitranandan Pant, India’s poet laureate. Its natural surroundings inspired many of his poems. Its tea gardens mingle with dense pine forests and fruit orchards. The area is also host to many fairs and religious ceremonies. If Uttarakhand is the abode of Gods, Kausani is God’s own backyard. There is no traffic, no one is in a hurry. If serenity could be put on a canvas, the picture would resemble Kausani.
Answer the following questions briefly:

(a) Where is Kausani situated ?
(b) What is the most striking aspect of Kausani ?
(c) Which is the most famous peak on view from Kausani ?
(d) How did Kausani influence Sumitranandan Pant ?
(e) When does the view of peaks become so memorable ?
(f) How can we say that Gandhiji was greatly charmed by the natural beauty of Kausan ?
(g) What makes Kausani a calm and quiet place ?
(h) Why is Kausani’s guest house of the tea estate known as ’Anashakti Ashram’ ?


(a) Kausani is situated at a height of 6,075 feet in the central Himalayas.
(b) The most striking aspect of Kausani is that it provides the 300 km. wide breathtaking view of the Himalayas.
(c) The most famous peak on view from Kausani is Nanda Devi, the second highest mountain in India.
(d) Its natural surroundings inspired many of Sumitranandan Pant’s poems.
(e) The view of the peaks becomes so memorable at sunrise and at sunset, when the colour of the sky .changes to golden orange.
(f) Being spellbound by the natural beauty of the place, Kausani, he named it the ’Switzerland of India’.
(g) The fact that there is no traffic and no one is in a hurry makes Kausani a calm and quiet place.
(h) Gandhiji wrote here a book ’Anashakti Yoga’. So it was renamed ’Anashakti Ashram’ after the book.

Question 2.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
The news paper is one of the significant signs of modem civilization. It is the most popular form of reading in the present times because it interests all sorts of people. It is full of political, news, sports and commercial news, as well as articles by well-known writers. A newspaper keeps us both entertained and informed.
In these days of democracy, public opinion rules everywhere. No government can long withstand the pressure of a strong public opinion. It is, therefore, quite clear that the press controls public opinion, and public opinion in turn controls the government, ultimately the press controls the government. It acts as an interpreter between the government and the people and brings the rulers and the ruled together.
The press also acts as a public court. All evils, corruptions, vices, scandals, etc. are given publicity and brought forth to the public through the medium of newspapers. The pressure of public opinion can be brought to bear upon the doers of evil and injustice. The oppressed and the downtrodden may easily demand justice at the bar of public opinion.
Again, to build a nation, it becomes necessary to spread ideas of liberty and independence among the masses. The real freedom of a country is never possible without the upliftment of the corners people. Politicians as well as economists, can circulate their ideas through newspapers, as they reach the most distant corners in the shortest possible time. Newspapers also tell people what their rights are and teach them how they can protect and exercise their rights. By placing before the readers new view-points every day, they stimulate thought and increase the power of independent thinking. Thus, newspapers contribute to the development of knowledge and their educative influence is indeed immense.
The advantages of having a strong, independent and honest press far outweighs the evils practiced by a few cheap, irresponsible newspapers. The newspaper is one of the greatest blessing of civilization and journalism and therefore, it should be allowed to have the maximum amount of freedom possible.
Restriction on newspaper should be as few as possible in order to ensure the healthy growth of a nation. In the present stage of developing civilization, newspapers are an absolute necessity and give freedom of expression, they are capable of doing immense good to society, the country and the world. Thus, the freedom of Press is the requisite for freedom of the people.
(A) Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words :

(a) Give three reasons to show the importance of the newspaper.
(b) How does public opinion rule everywhere in case of democracy ?
(c) Why is the freedom of the press essential ?
(d) When can real freedom come to existence ?

(B) Do as directed:

(a) Which word in the passage means ’crushed’ ?
(i) spoiled (ii) trodden (iii) rotten (iv) untidy
(b) Find out the antonym of ’discourage’ from the passage :
(i) encourage (ii) secure (iii) stimulate (iv) inspire
(c) Find the synonym of ’colossal’ from the passage :
(i) immense (ii) small (iii) beautiful (iv) big
(d) Find out the antonym of ’restriction’ from the passage :
(i) slavery (ii) courage (iii) influence (iv) freedom

(A) (a)
1. In the present time, newspaper interests all sorts of people as it contains political news, sports, commercial news as well as articles of well-known writers.
2. Newspaper keeps us both entertained and informed.
3. Through the medium of newspaper, all evils, corruptions, vices, scandals etc are given publicity and brought forth to the public.
(b) In democracy, public opinion is controlled by press, in turn controls the government.
(c) Freedom of the press is essential because it is must for the freedom of people as it acts as a public court.
(d) For real freedom, press, especially the newspaper which is one of the greatest blessings of civilization and journalism, should be allowed to have the maximum amount of freedom.

(a)   (ii) trodden
(b)   (i) encourage
(c)  (i) immense
(d)   (iv) freedom


Question 3.
Now-a-days, we see the rise in prices of edible things like pulses, onions, oils and products. The layman is facing hardship on account of it. Write a letter in 120-150 words of a reputed daily requesting him to highlight the difficulties faced by the common man due to the rise in prices. Sign yourself as Pranjal/Praneeta living at 124, Vivek Vihar, Delhi. 8


A civilised and well groomed personality has a positive impact on others. Write an article in 100-120 words for your school magazine on ’the importance of education in personality development”. You are Miki/Manish.
Objective : To use an appropriate style and format to write a formal/an informal letter.
Note : No marks are to be awarded if only the format is given. Credit should be given for the candidate’s creativity in presenting his/her own ideas.
Format —1 mark

• Sender’s address
• Date
• Receiver’s address –
• Subject/Heading
• Salutation
• Complementary close

Content – 2 marks Expression -2 marks
– Coherence and relevance of ideas and style -1 mark
– Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings – 1 mark
Suggested Value Points:

• Prices of essential food items like- wheat, rice; vegetables, pulses have gone up.
• Budget disturbed.
• Common man faces hardships.
• Shortage of necessary commodities.

Detailed Answer:
Subject: Rising Prices
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to express my deep concern regarding the rising prices. This inflation has made the life of a common man very difficult. The worst hit are the fixed income groups like the salaried people, labour class and the pensioners. For them, even the commodities of basic necessities like wheat, pulses, grains, vegetables etc are getting out of reach. Every increase in price disturbs their budget.
The government should tackle this problem in the best possible way. The hoarders, black marketers and profiters should be dealt with severity. The public distribution system of rationing should be made more transparent and efficient. Moreover, taxes on basic necessities should be reduced to bring down the contrast between the wholesale and the retail prices. The policy decision makers should always keep the layman in mind while making and executing policies.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely


Suggested Value Points:

• Education is necessary for physical, mental and social development.
• Shapes the personality and develops discipline.
• Imparts skills and values through co-curricular activities.
• Develops Good Manners and makes a responsible and productive citizen.

Detailed Answer:
Importance of Education in Personality Development
By: Manish
Everybody wants a good personality but it can’t be made in an eye’s blink. It needs time, patience and hardwork. You need to nourish yourself, physically and mentally. You need to put in positivity in your mind. To get all these things done, there is a major instrument, i.e., Education. Education is necessary for a person’s physical, mental and social development. It shapes his personality as well as develops discipline in his life. To develop personality, a person needs knowledge. He also needs experiences and opportunities. He needs to be disciplined. When he’ll mix in all these, the magic portion of his personality will be developed. And for getting all these, he needs to get education first. Without education, it is next to impossible to achieve all that. Professional and Vocational education imparts skill in the person and a skillful person becomes confident. Through co-curricular activities, moral and ethical values are incorporated in the students which are the utmost need of the present time.
Education teaches him good manners and hence develops his personality to be a responsible and productive citizen.

Question 4.
Write a story in 150-200 words from the outline given below:
“The date of examination was declared _ _ _ _ _ I was horrified _ _ _ _ _ My parents helped me _ _ _ _ _ reached the examination centre _ _ _ _ _ examination commenced _ _ _ _ _ took a sigh of relief _ _ _ _ _ stood first in the class.


Complete the following story in 150-200 words. The beginning of the story is given below:
It was a Sunday afternoon. We had gone for a picnic to a park. Suddenly I found that my seven year old sister was missing from the group. We went in search of her in the woods and ……….
Generally, with the examination round the corner, the stress level of both the wards and the parents are high and sometimes, it reaches the breaking point. The same thing happened with me but the picture was different with my parents. The date of my examination was declared. I was horrified to think of the board examination. Just like other students of my class, it was also my first experience of appearing in the board exam. But I am blessed with such supportive parents who not only counselled me but also helped me in preparing for the exams in the right way. They knew my capability and didn’t burden me with their unrealistic expectations, nor did they draw unnecessary comparisons with other children. Rather they helped me to make schedule for my studies and I followed it seriously. My father helped me in my studies also. My mother took good care of my diet and other chores. All that care and my proper preparation made me feel less stressed. The day of my first exam came. It was maths paper. I reached the examination centre twenty minutes before the scheduled time. I looked for my Roll number and room number, on the board placed there. After getting settled on my seat, I prayed to God. Then the bell rang. Papers were distributed. As soon as I saw the paper, my joy knew no boundaries because the paper seemed very easy to me as I had practiced the course a lot. It made me confident Same happened in all the exams. After commencement of exams, I took a sigh of relief. The time for the result arrived. I stood first in the class. All that happened by the dint of my hard work and due to the support of my parents.


… Found her nowhere. We shouted her name at the maximum pitch but to no avail. My mother started weeping after calling her name. Our voice echoed and returned to us. We became very afraid and prayed to God to help us in finding her. Suddenly, we heard trumpet of elephants. It made us sure of some mishappening with her. After a few moments, we saw an elephant running inside the forest. My brother advised us to follow the beast. We did so. What we saw there was beyond any explanation. As we followed that elephant, we saw that animal filling its trunk with water from a pond in that forest. Without making any noise and holding our breath, we waited for its next
action. Then the elephant hurriedly went to a place and sprinkled all that water on somebody and aired with its large ears. And to our surprise and terror, it was none other than my sister who was lying there unconscious. As soon as water was sprinkled over her face, she became conscious and sat up. On seeing all of us, she came running to us. When we asked her how had she reached there, she told that outside the picnic spot, she had seen that elephant. As all of us werebusy in merry-making, she quietly came out and gave some eatables to that animal. Then it became friendly with her.
She sat on its back and reached there. But on hearing its trumpet in the woods, she realized that she was separated from the group and got fainted. We felt ourselves lucky to meet the angel in that beast. [CBSE Marking Scheme, 2016] 10

Question 5.
Choose the most appropriate options from the ones given below to complete the following passage. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank numbers. Do not copy the whole passage. There was a uniiu uf five,
(a) _ _ _ _ _ nau saved Lwu ehiidren hum a burning riul, one who had fought a cheetah
(b) _ _ _ _ _ working in the forest; one who had received a bullet on her hand while trying to save her father from dacoits. These children had
(c) _ _ _ _ _ great courage and presence of mind in moments of crisis,
(d) _ _ _ _ _ should be rewarded by the govt.

(a) (i) who             (ii) which            (iii) that            (iv) one
(b) (i) when         (ii) while              (iii) during        (iv) where
(c) (i) shown       (ii) seen                (iii) see               (iv) saw
(d) (i) every         (ii) each                (iii) all                (iv) they

(a)  (i) who     (b)  (ii) while
(c)  (i) shown  (d) (iv) they

Question 6.
In the following passage one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the words that come before and after it. The first one has been done as an example.
A severe earthquake struck seismic hot zone in the Himalayan foothills today,
toppling thousands houses, causing massive landslides and killing least 87 people,
It was the strongest earthquake in last 20 years.
Heavy rains hampered rescue operations.
Before                         Word                After
e.g.  struck                        a                seismic
(a) thousands           _ _ _ _           _ _ _ _
(b) killing                  _ _ _ _           _ _ _ _
(c) in                          _ _ _ _           _ _ _ _
(d) hampered          _ _ _ _            _ _ _ _

Before                        Missing Word                  After
e.g., struck                               a                          seismic
(a) thousands                        of                           houses
(b) killing                                at                          least
(c) in                                       the                         last
(d) hampered                        the                       rescue

Question 7.
Look at the newspaper items given below. Use the information in the Headlines to complete the sentences from the given options. Write the answers against the correct blank numbers in your answer sheet.
(a) Two pilgrims killed in Amarnath shrine stampede.
Two pilgrims to Amarnath shrine _ _ _ _ _ in a stampede near the cave.
(i) has been killed (ii) were killed (iii) are killed (iv) killed
(b) Dead fish flood Satluj-Beas Canal.
Drinking water supply to several areas in Punjab has been stopped after Satluj-Beas Canal _ _ _ _ _ dead fish.
(i) was found flooded with (ii) finds flooded with
(iii) flooded with (iv) was found flood with
(c) Dhoni undergoes surgery successfully.
Berlin : Indian skipper Dhoni _ _ _ _ _ on his injured left ankle on Thursday.
(i) undergone surgery (ii) underwent a successful surgery
(iii) has undergone a successful surgery (iv) had undergone a successful surgery
(d) Vinod khanna expired.
Famous superstar Vinod Khanna _ _ _ _ _ on 8th April.
(i) was found deal (ii) had expired (iii) expired (iv) will expire

(a) (ii) were killed.
(b) (i) was found flooded with.
(c) (ii) underwent a successful surgery.
(d) (iii) expired


Question 8.
Read the extract given below and answer the following :
With a satisfied expression he regarded the field of ripe com with its flowers, draped in a curtain of rain. But suddenly a strong wind began to blow and along with the rain very large hailstones began to fall.

(a) Who was satisfied ?
(b) Why was he satisfied ?
(c) Which word in the extract means the same as ’covered’ ?
(d) What happened suddenly ?


It was a prosperous farmer’s household and there was plenty to eat and drink. All the children except Bholi were healthy and strong. The sons had been sent to the city to study in schools and later in colleges, of the daughters Radha, the eldest, had already been married.

(a) What did Bholi’s father do ?
(b) How many of his children were healthy and strong ?
(c) Find out a word from the passage which means the same as ’enough’.
(d) Where did Bholi’s father send his sons and why ? 1×4 = 4


(a) Lencho was satisfied.
(b) He was satisfied to see the rain falling.
(c) ’Draped’ word in the extract means the same as ’covered’.
(d) Suddenly a strong wind along with nain and hailstones began to fall.


(a) Bholi’s father was a revenue officer.
(b) Six out of his seven children were healthy and strong.
(c) ’plenty’.
(d) Bholi’s father sent his sons to the city to study in schools and later in colleges.

Question 9.
Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each :

(a) What do the elders in Goa still love to remember ?
(b) What is the underlying message for us in our hectic life with reference to the poem, ’Dust of Snow’ ?
(c) What was Tricky’s ailment ? How did it worry Mrs. Pumphrey ?
(d) How did Richard Ebright’s mother help him ?

Objective : To test local and global comprehension, themes and ideas of the text. Marking : Content: 1 mark; Expression : 1 mark.
(a) good old Portugese days; loaves of bread; makers of bread; mixers, moulders, furnaces; baker’s bamboo sounds
(b) encouraged his interest in learning ; took him on trips ; bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras etc.
Detailed Answer:
(a) The elders in Goa were nostalgic about the good old Portuguese days, the Portuguese, and their famous loaves of bread. They were famous makers of bread.
(b) The underlying message for us in our hectic life with reference to the poem ’Dust of Snow’ is that we should enjoy nature utmost and we should have a positive out look even towards simple acts because they can lead to the learning of greater lessons of enjoying life.
(c) Mrs. Pumphrey had a dog named Tricky. Indirectly she was responsible for the dog’s illness. She gave him little extra between meals i.e., malt, cod-liver oil, etc. He was not given any physical exercise. So, the dog fell ill and started vomiting also. It made Mrs. Pumphrey so much worried that she had to call the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Harriot for his treatment.
(d) Richard Ebright’s mother helped him by encouraging his interest in learning. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipments. Wherever he did not have anything to do, she found things for him to learn.

Question 10.
Answer the following question in 100-120 words :
Write a letter as Lencho to your friend and tell him about the destruction of your crops, the letter you wrote to God and the reply with money you received. Express your irritation about the post office employees also.


Education is always a great asset in the life of a woman. How did Bholi, an educated girl, face the challenge posed by Bishambar’s greed ?
43, Free Lane
20th Jan, 2013 Dear Poko,
Hope you are hale and hearty. This year is not going to be so good for me as the last one. The rains have ruined all my harvest. We have nothing to eat. So, I thought of writing a letter to God and asked him to send 100 pesos. And do you know Poko, I got the money but not the amount I had asked for. Thirty pesos were missing. I have doubt on the post-office employees. I wrote to God again and requested for the remaining money. I’m sure he will definitely send the money again.
I’m waiting for a reply from God.
With love


Value Points:
Importance of education in one’s life – the transformation – change in the quality of life Bholi – her looks – neglected – sent to school, received encouragement from a teacher – got good education yet no marriage propects – Bishambar’s greed – Bholi’s courage – bold step – confidence (any other relevant points).
Detailed Answer:
Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power of enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. This is exactly what happened with Bholi. It brought such a transformation that absolutely changed the quality of her life. At first, Bholi had agreed to marry an old man because of her father’s honour, thereby placing her family’s interest over her own. However, later she refused to marry him because she saw how mean, greedy and contemptible he was. By demanding a hefty dowry, Bishamber took advantage of her bad looks and the desperateness of her father to get her married. But courageous Bholi took bold step. Very boldly she rejected the marriage and silenced everybody who called her shameless.

Question 11.
Answer the following question 200-250 words :
What do you know about Helen Keller’s love of the country and outdoor sports ?


Describe the Wright – Humason School.


Anne called 26lh July ’A Tumultous Day’. Explain.


Justify the title ’The Diary Of A Young Girl’.
In her 1903 autobiography, The Story of My Lite, Helen Keller mentioned about her love of the country and outdoor sports like sailing and canoeing. She enjoyed them the most in moonlights. As a student of Wright-Humson School, she had taken riding lessons. Camping trips, walks in a fragrant garden, and spins on her tandem bicycle were among her favourite outdoor activities. But even more enjoyable to Keller was rowing in her canoe. In fact, she learnt swimming and rowing when she was very young and practically lived in her canoe during the summers as an adult. Nothing gave her greater pleasure than to take her friends out for rowing. She found pleasure in rowing by the scent of water grass and lilies, and of bushes that grow on the shore. She would know the resistance of water when the oars were evenly poised and would tell when she would pull against the current. She liked to contend with wind and wave. It was exhilarating for her to go for skimming lightly over glistening, tilting waves, and to feel the steady, imperious surge of the water. Helen’s interests in rowing and swimming were not confined to ponds and lakes. She equally enjoyed the delights of sailing at sea. In 1901, she went to Nova Scotia. In the company of Miss Sullivan, she went to Halifax and they had the joy of spending their summer there. Walking along the harbour and setting sail to many places provided her with a peculiar kind of joy.


Value Points:
Built for deaf -gave training in vocal culture -training in lip reading – Arithmetic, Physical Geography, French and German were taught -efficient staff for different subjects -compassionate with children -tried to bring students out of their painful circumstances.
Detailed Answer:
Wright Humason School was specially meant for the education of Deaf. It was in New York City. It was well known for the training, given there in vocal culture and lip reading. Besides this, many subjects like Arithmetic, Physical Geography, French and German were taught there. The school possessed efficient staff for different subjects. One more thing—the staff was not only efficient but it was compassionate with children. The teachers tried their best to bring students nut of their painful circumstances. They always planned how they might give their pupils every advantage similar to those who hear and enjoy. They were always supportive and loving. They always tried to find such ways so as to make much of few tendencies and passive memories in the cases of little ones and lead them out of the strained circumstances in which their lives were set. Helen was sent to that school in 1994. Here, Helen acquired good knowledge of German. Miss Reamy taught her German. She was expert in making use of manual alphabet. She also made Helen comfortable in the conversation. With her efforts, she used to converse in that language with her teacher. The teacher also helped her to improve her speech in general.


26th July was a tumultuous day. It was full of tension and fright. The first warning siren was sent off in the morning but nobody paid any attention to it because it only meant that the planes were crossing the coast. It was only around two in the afternoon when the sirens went again. Both her sister went upstairs. After five minutes, they heard the gun shots which were very loud. Their house book and the bombs kept falling. After half an hour, the drone of engines faded and life became normal. When they looked outside, it seemed as if the city was enveloped in thick fog. At dinner time, there was another air raid alarm. Nothing happened after that but after dinner, there was another air raid warning, gun-fire and swarms of planes. The bombs rained down. Schilphol Airport was bombed. The planes dived and climbed. The air was, abuzz with the drone of engines. Nobody slept for the large part of the night as all that started again at midnight.


’The Diary Of A Young Girl’ is written by Anne Frank, a thirteen year old Jewish girl. She started writing her diary as she did not have any friend with whom she could share her feelings and emotions., The red and white checkered diary came to her rescue and throughout her life, she confided in it and gave it the name ’Kitty’. She treated it as her dear friend. She gave vent to her feelings while making her entries in the diary. Some of the entries are very personal while some criticize her parents as well as her friends. She never kept anything back from her diary and recorded even petty issues like the everyday quarrel between her mother and Mrs. Van Daan and even between Mrs. and Mr. van uaan. bne recorded her feelings during the war, her fear, her frustrations and anger at the way in which the Jews were treated by the Germans. The whole book has been written in the diary form and revolves around the life of the girl – Anne Frank. Hence the title is justified.

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