CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Set 5 solved

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Set 5

Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language Literature – Paper 5


Question 1.
Read the passage given below and complete the sentences that follow :
A sparrow is a small bird which is found throughout the world. There are many different species of sparrows. Sparrows are only about four to six inches in length. Many people appreciate their beautiful song. Sparrows prefer to build their nests in low places-usually on the ground, clumps of grass, low trees and low bushes. In cities they build their nests in building nooks or holes. They rarely build their nests in high places. They build their nests out of twigs, grasses and plant fibers. Their nests are usually small and well-built structures.

Female sparrows lay four to six eggs at a time. The eggs are white with reddish brown spots. They hatch within eleven to fourteen days. Both the male and female parents care for the young. Insects are fed to the young after hatching. The large feet of the sparrows are used for scratching seeds. Adult sparrows mainly eat seeds. Sparrows can be found almost everywhere, where there are humans. Many people throughout the world enjoy these delightful birds.

The sparrows are some of the few birds that engage in dust bathing. Sparrows will first scratch a hole in the ground with their feet, then lie in it and fling dirt or sand over their bodies with flicks of their wings. Many birds, particularly game birds and sparrows, take dust baths as part of their regular preening. The dust helps dislodge parasites and absorbs excess preen oil so feathers are not heavily coated. Birds that do not bathe in water are more likely to use dust baths frequently, but many birds use both types of bathing. They will also bathe in water, or in dry or melting snow. Water bathing is similar to dust bathing, with the sparrow standing in shallow water and flicking water over its back with its wings, also ducking its head under the water. Both activities are social, with up to a hundred birds participating at once, and is followed by preening and sometimes group singing.
Fill in the blanks :

(a) The chief food for the adult sparrow is .
(b) Sparrows live wherever .
(c) The word, ’species’ means .
(d) Sparrows in high places.
(e) take care of the young sparrows.
(f) Sparrows take bath in .
(g) Bathing for the sparrows is a .
(h) Bathing is followed by and .


(a) seeds
(b) there are humans
(c) kinds
(d) rarely build their nests
(e) Both parents
(f) dust, water or snow
(g) social activity
(h) preening, group singing

Question 2.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
These are the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty in New York. But ironically, those who go there are not the poor and the wretched but the skilled and the highly qualified doctors, engineers, scientists, nurses and technicians, from other countries including India.

The urge to go to the West has become compelling in India in post-independence years. Both the world wars and political upheavals like civil wars and revolutions, spawned large migrations during the first half of this century. The migrations in the latter half stemmed from economic motivation. People in power like scientists and skilled persons have, from the very beginning, played a key role in international migration. The conscious policy to encourage migration of high quality manpower from other regions and countries is related to the positive contribution made by the immigrants to their country of adoption, resulting in a net advantage to it.

The earnings and remittances from the Indians settled abroad or their eventual return, are poor compensation for the lasting and serious loss inflicted by their outflow. The specific objectives of the anti-brain drain policies, within the framework of independent development, are to bring back to a limited extent, the lost talents and skills from abroad and reduce the outflow in the short run and finally end it, except that necessitated by genuine, multi-lateral international dependence.

Brain Drain means professionals going abroad to work. This is not good because nowadays all the good brains are going out to work for other countries. If they had efficiently utilised their brains in this country, India could have been a better country. America has become a developed country, because there maximum number of employees consists of Indians only. So if those employees had worked for India, India would surely have become America. So Brain Drain is not good from the economic point of view.

Answer the following questions :

(a) What kind of people go to America ?
(b) When did the urge to go abroad become compelling in India ?
(c) Who have played a key role in international migration ?
(d) What is meant by ’Brain Drain’ ?
(e) What is meant by the word ’inscribed’? (para 1)
(i) designed     (ii) written             (iii) read                   (iv) painted
(f) Find the word from the passage which means ’great changes or disturbances’? (para 2)
(i) wars            (ii) immigrants      (iii) migrations        (iv) upheavals
(g) Find the word opposite in meaning to ’earnings’? (para 3)
(i) expenses     (ii) compensation (iii) policies              (iv) skills
(h) Find the word from the passage opposite in meaning to, ’minimum’? (para 4)
(i) developer    (ii) economic           (iii) maximum         (iv) drain

Value Points:

(a) doctors, engineers, scientists, nurses and technicians.
(b) in post-independence years.
(c) People in power like scientists, and skilled persons.
(d) Professional going abroad to work.
(e) (ii) written
(f) (iv) upheavals
(g) (i) expenses
(h) (iii) maximum.

Detailed Answer:

(a) The skilled and highly qualified people highly qualified doctors, engineers like doctors, engineers, scientists, nurses, technicians etc. go to America;
(b) The urge to go abroad became compelling in India in post independence years.
(c) prefessionals like highly qualified doctors, engineers, scientists and skilled persons played a key role in international migration.
(d) Brain Drain means professional people going abroad to work.


Question 3.
You are Ravi / Ravina. You bought a pair of shoes from M/s Shoe line, Halwasiya Market, Rakabgani, Lucknow. On unpacking them you found to your surprise, that both the shoes are meant for your right foot. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of M/s Shoe line, asking for replacement at their cost, (word limit 100 -120 words) 8


Write an article in 100-120 words on ’Use of Technology in Education’ for your school magazine. You are Ram/Rama.
14, Napier Town,
Jabalpur May 27, 2015 The Manager
M/s Shoe line,
Halwasiya Market, Rakabganj,
Subject: Complaint against Defective Pair of shoes.
I purchased a pair of shoes on the receipt no. 10579 from your shop on 25th May, 2015. It is of XYZ brand and the item no. is S15. On unpacking the box at home, I found that both the shoes are of right foot.
I, therefore, request you to replace the pair with a new one or to refund the money. I, will be thankful if the matter can be attended to at the earliest.
Thanking you Yours sincerly Ravi.


Value Points :
What is Technology? – Types of Technology – Uses : More senses involved better the learning – Supplements teacher’s efforts – Saves time and energy – Students remain updated – environment – friendly – Overdependence to be avoided – Nothing can replace an inspiring teacher)

Detailed Answer:
Use of Technology in Education
By: Ram
Over the last few years, use of technology has changed the landscape dramatically, especially in the field of education. Teachers, principals, councellors and even parents admit that it would be a futile exercise to ignore technology in the classroom. The knowledge of information technology has a great role to play in the field of education. There has been rapid progress in the field of tele-communication, satellite and computer science due to the information technology.

The internet has come in the form of super highway to transfer information of biggest libraries with the help of tele-communication and satellite technology. Now, with the help of computer, information can be stored safely in a small chip and can be retrieved, when required within no time. Hence, with the use of technology, we can save our time and energy. Students become updated. Moreover, it is environment friendly as the need to use paper is which is made by cutting trees, has decreased. But overdependence on technology and related gadgets should be avoided. It’s all about moderation.

At the same time, we can’t overlook the fact that even the latest gadgets’and . the best internet websites, however, cannot replace an inspiring teacher. Children today lead complicated lives ruled by technology. Instead of adding to the information overload, it is the teacher’s job to simplify the lesson plan. Children today need to be in touch with the real world and the school teacher is the person who can draw the lines and decide how much is too much.

Question 4.
Write a story in 150-200 words based on the points given below :
A poor lady at a traffic red light had a doctor’s prescription. She wanted 10


Complete the story given below by using the clues provided :
The cash van guard got down for two minutes to attend to the call of nature. The driver 10
… to cross the road and approach the chemist shop. She was crying. Though she was trying to control her tears, she couldn’t succeed. The traffic police inspector, who was on duty at that crossing was observing her. She had a prescription in her hand. It meant some near or dear one of her might be seriously ill. He couldn’t control himself. He went near to the lady and addressed her, “Amma! What happened, where are you going ?” On hearing the words, full of affection and warmth, she couldn’t control herself. She started crying bitterly and embraced the inspector. She told him that she was a widow. She had a son who met with an accident the previous day. Some people took . him to the hospital and he was admitted there. Her son was suffering from serious injuries. His condition was critical. Doctor had asked her to submit the hospital fees and to bring some particular ’life saving injections’. To pay the hospital expenses, she had sold her only gold bangle that she had got from her in-laws on the time of her marriage. Now she didn’t have enough money but she couldn’t afford to lose her only son. So she had come to purchase that injection. Without sufficient money, it was difficult to get that injection, but she had full faith in God. And Ah! God came in the form of an inspector. He consoled her that she need not worry. He was there to help her. She took the prescription from her, bought that injection and accompanied her to the hospital. After recovery of her son, she realized that God had blessed her with one more son.


… was suddenly hit on his head. He became unconscious. They were two dacoits. They were chasing the van, carrying the cash right from the bank itself. Actually, for the last three days, they were observing the routine of the cash van. Unfortunately, that day, the van proceeded with one guard only and the dacoits took the advantage of that opportunity. They drove the van very fast to the jungle where no one could trace them. After reaching there, they started merry-making with the other members of the group who were waiting for them. Though they made use of the modern technology, i.e., mobile phone to give information to their companions yet they were unaware that the same technology could put them in danger. Actually, the driver was strong enough to bear the blow. For a few minutes, he lost his senses. Both the dacoits, thinking him to be unconscious, pushed him on the rear seat. But as soon as he regained his senses, he just switched on the ’Navigation’ App. With the help of that app., the cash guard located the location. During training, they were taught to make use of such techniques in the case of emergency. He had already informed the bank authorities about the incident. Immediately, the police was informed.

On the other end, the dacoits were enjoying. They were carefree as they couldn’t think of any danger in that dense jungle. Suddenly, the area echoed with police-sirens. Hearing that danger- signals, they tried to run from there but their efforts were fruitless. Police caught all the members and recovered the cash. Then they were taken to prison. Quick-mindedness of the driver and the guard was praised and rewarded.

Question 5.
Complete the dialogue given below by filling in the blanks with the help of options that follow:
Patient : I am not well, doctor, (a) _ _ _ _ _ ?
Doctor : Tell me (b) _ _ _ _ _ .
Patient : I could not sleep well last night.
Doctor : May I know (c) _ _ _ _ _ last night.
Patient : I went to bed very late last night
Doctor : Are you feeling (d) _ _ _ _ _ .

(a) (i) may you examine me at once                 (ii) do examine me immediately
(iii) attend to me at once                             (iv) will you please attend to me
(b) (i) the problem do you have                        (ii) what is your problem
(iii) what your problem is                             (iv) why you are unwell
(c) (i) when you returned home                        (ii) when you went to bed
(iii) what you eat before going to bed          (iv) how long did you drove
(d) (i) drowsy                                                         (ii) giddiness
(iii) dizziness                                                    (iv) feverish


(a) (iv) will you please attend to me.
(b) (iii) what your problem is.
(c) (ii) when you went to bed.
(d) (iv) feverish

Question 6.
In the following paragraph one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word before and the word after against the correct blank number.
After facing pressure cooker atmosphere the
previous three years in school score
high marks, many students seem unwind
and relax once they get a professional
Before             Word                    After
(a) _ _ _ _                _ _ _ _                 _ _ _ _
(b) _ _ _ _                _ _ _ _                 _ _ _ _
(c) _ _ _ _                 _ _ _ _                _ _ _ _
(d) _ _ _ _                 _ _ _ _                _ _ _ _

Before                           Missing Word                      After
(a) atmosphere                     in                                    the
(b) school                               to                                   score
(c) seem                                  to                                  unwind
(d) get                                     into                                     a

Question 7.
Read the dialogue given below and then complete the report that follows. Write your answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank numbers.
Ram : What a cold day it is ! I think this must be the coldest day of the season. Shyam : I don’t mind the cold. It is the summer that bothers me.
Ram : Well! I am only worried about my mother.
Ram explained that (a) _ _ _ _ and was positive that (b) _ _ _ _ Shyam replied that (c) _ _ _ _ . Ram stated that (d) _ _ _ _ .

(a) it was a very cold day
(b) it must be the coldest day of the season
(c) he didn’t mind the cold; it was the summer that bothered him
(d) he was worried about his mother only


Question 8.
Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
I was really worried about Tricki this time. I had pulled up my car when I saw him in the street with his mistress and I was shocked at his appearance. He had become hugely fat, like a heated sausage with a leg at each corner. His eyes, bloodshot and rheumy, stared straight ahead and his tongue lolled from his jaws.

(a) Who is “I” referred in the above extract ?
(b) Why was he worried ?
(c) Which word in the above extract means the same as ’excessively’ ?
(d) Why was the author shocked ?


It was a magnificent view. Against the backdrop of densely wooded hills, a sea of tea bushes stretched as far as the eye could see. Dwarfing the tiny tea plants were tall sturdy shade-trees and amidst the ordely rows of bushes busily moved doll-like figures. In the distance was an ugly building with smoke billowing out of tall chimneys, ’Hey, a tea garden !’, Rajvir cried excitedly.

(a) What have the tea plantations been compared to ?
(b) What are the doll like figures referred to here ?
(c) Why was Rajvir excited ?
(d) Which word in the passage means the same as ’splendid’.


(a) “I” refers to the veterinary doctor Dr. Harriott who is the narrator of the story.
(b) He was worried to see the appearance of Mrs. Pumphrey’s dog.
(c) ’hugely’.
(d) The author was shocked to see Tricki in the street.


(a) Tea plantations have been compared to a sea of tea bushes.
(b) The doll like figures referred to here are the tea pluckers.
(c) Rajvir was excited because he had spotted tea garden.
(d) ’Magnificient’.

Question 9.
Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each :

(a) Give examples from the text to show that Valli was a meticulous planner ?
(b) Describe the appearance of the dragon ?
(c) What did the Halls see in the scientists room ?
(d) What lesson did Ebright learn when he could not win a prize at the science fair? “

(a) Valli was a keen observer as well as a meticulous planner. Her desire to experience a bus ride was followed by systematic and organised planning. She had collected all the useful information by observing and making discreet inquiries about the time of the bus, the duration of the journey as well as the fare. She was focussed and saved every penny to finance her trip Finally she accomplished it by efficient execution of her plans.
(b) Custard, the dragon had a formidable appearance, with sharp teeth, toes like daggers, spikes on back and scales on the belly. Its mouth was a fireplace and the nose was always fuming like a chimney. However, in sharp contrast to the appearance its temperature was extremely timid.
(c) One day the were surprised to see that, the door of the scientist’s room was open. Which remained shut and locked. They went inside to investigate. They saw that the bed clothes were cold, his clothes and bandages were lying loose in the room. Suddenly, they heard a sniffing sound although there was no one in the room. The Halls got terrified and decided to leave the scientist’s room.
(d) Value Points:
Learnt winners do real experiment, not simply display slides.

Detailed Answer:
I When Ebright could not win a prize at the science fair, he learnt that winners do real experiment, they don’t simply display slides. Then he started conducting experiments It was definitely a stepping stone towards his success. His competitive nature, his extra efforts and the will to win for the right reasons made him a successful scientist.

Question 10.
Answer the following question in 100-120 words :
“Never mind”, she said, “I can get on by myself.” “You don’t have to help me,” said Valli to the conductor. She shows extraordinary courage in making the bus journey all alone. Taking inspiration from Valli’s character, write how ability and courage to take risk are essential to fulfil one’s dream.


Distinguish between Mrs. Pumphrey’s method and Mr. Herriot’s method in looking after the dog. Whose method could be regarded the better of the two and why ?
Valli made detailed plans about her bus ride. She gathered information about the distance the bus travelled, the time it took and the fare by listening to the conversations of others and asking discreet questions. She planned the time, i.e., when she would board the bus and when she would return. She saved money for the trip by not buying peppermints and sweets and also by not going to the fare.
Two characteristics which made Valli to plan her bus ride was courage and her ability to plan. These are the traits which need to be consciously developed so that a person can undertake what he wants to do. Courage to do something and ability to plan will make a person go ahead in life.


Mrs. Pumphrey loved Tricki, her pet dog, very much. When she found that Tricki was no more active and energetic, she tried to give more nutrients in his food to make him more energetic e.g. malt, cod- liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks, an extra diet of cream cakes & chocolates. But she was not giving him exercises. Infact, Tricki was not suffering from any disease. Mr. Harriot found out the main cause of his ailment, i.e., his greed for over-eating. Mr. Harriot gave him a controlled diet, recovered him from lethargy caused by overeating and excessive fat. So, Mr. Harriot’s method could be regarded better of the two as he understood the cause and remedy of the disease. He was able to treat the dog by being strict with him regarding diet and physical activities.

Question 11.
Answer the in 200-250 words :
Explain how the Christmas eve was celebrated after Miss Sullivan came to Tuscumbia.


Dedicated teachers are rather rare but rarer still are teachers like Miss Anne Sullivan, who totally transformed Helen’s life despite her own disabilities. Write the character sketch of Miss Sullivan in light of this statement.


The differences between the Van Daans kept increasing day by day. How did it affect the thinking of Anne ?


Write the character sketch of Anne Frank.
Value Points:

• Tuscumbia School children invited her to their tree.
• Moment of supreme happiness
• Helen dances and capared round the tree
• Delighted to know that there was gift for each child.
• Pretended to sleep and waited for Santa Clause.

Detailed Answer:
The first Christmas, after Miss Sullivan came to Tuscumbia was a great event for Helen. Helen was . invited by the Tuscumbia school children to their Christmas tree. Everyone in the family prepared surprise for Helen and she, in turn, prepared surprises for them. On the Christmas Eve, a beautiful tree stood in the centre of the school room. It was ablaze and shimmering in the soft light and its branches were loaded with strange, wonderful fruit. It was moment of supreme happiness for Helen. She danced and capered round the tree in ecstasy. When she learnt that there was a gift for each cniid, she became more deiighted. Her impatience for the reai Christmas to begin almost got beyond control. She could not sleep that night but pretended to sleep and waited for Santa Claus.


Value Points:

• As a replacement God created mother and mother’s place is taken by teacher
• statement is true
• these days dedication and commitment are diminishing, rather rare
• attitude is mainly commercial and mechanical
• students are of least importance
• Miss Sullivan made lessons more play than work
• she let Helen decide when and what to study
• Helen says, “All the best” of me belongs to her, there is not a talent or an aspiration or a joy that has not been awakened by her
• was her constant companion ever since she was seven

Detailed Answer:
“As a replacement, God created mother and mother’s place is taken by teacher.” This statement is exactly true, especially in the context of Miss Anne Sullivan. These days dedication and commitment are diminshing, rather rare. Even teachers attitude has become commercial and mechanical. Having no compassion towards their duty, students are of least importance to them. What matters to them is their salary status. But Miss Sullivan is an exception to these type of teachers. It is only she who has lead her to the top. Miss Anne Sullivan is the constant companion of Helen since she was not even seven years old. She successfully awakens Helen soul to light and freedom and sets her spirit free. She used to take Helen outside the home and taught her in natural surroundings. Helen dedicates her success in expressing speech sounds to Miss Sullivan’s genius, untiring perseverance and devotion. Miss Sullivan’s play-way method made Helen’s learning experience quite pleasant, Miss Sullivan, became Helen’s eyes and ears and due to her support, Helen could study, learn, speak and write like normal students. Helen Keller could not have found a better teacher than Miss Sullivan. When Helen says, “All the best of me – it genuinely belongs to her because there is not even a single talent or an aspiration or a joy that hasn’t been awakened in Helen by her.


Living through the fears of war was a terrible thing. All the residents got tired of the atmosphere of horror all the time. With the result, they didn’t dare to open their mouths except at meal time because no matter whatever one of them said, somebody was bound to feel resentment or take it the wrong way. Even Anne had to fight the anxiety and depression that was settling into her life. They had almost forgotten how to laugh. It disturbed her and made her cry. She used to get upset due to the horrible words, mocking looks and accusation which Mrs. Van Daan repeatedly leveled on her. Also there were hot discussions between her mother and Mrs. Van Daan on petty topics like maids, which always ended both of them in real bad moods.
Sometimes, there were bickering between the two ladies and generally Mrs. Van Daan, like a borh depator, caused Anne’s mother to step back leading her in a worst mood. She wanted to shout at them and tell them to let her sleep even for a day without wetting her pillow with tears but she couldn’t. With the result, most of the times she remained silent and in despair. She wanted to tell them to leave her alone as she felt it better to be called rude as she couldn’t be a hypocrite like others. In other words the differences were having their toll on Anne.


Anne was born on June 12,1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. She was four years old when her father moved to Holland to find a better place for the family to live. She was very intelligent and perceptive and wanted to become writer. She loved peter and had strong feeling for him. Anne was a good reader. Even in hiding, she kept reading something or the other every day to continue her studies. She read the biographies of Galileo Galili, Franz Liszt. She was interested in reading Bible, and Greek and Roman mythology. She wanted to become a journalist.

Like any other child, she loved her parents but later grew a dislike towards her mother as she used to compare her to Margot, her elder sister whom she felt jealous of. She always had a feeling that her father loved her more than her mother. Anne was an optimistic girl who learnt a lot from her sufferings. She always believed that a time would come when all their problems would be over and they would lead a happy and tension free life after the war ended. Anne had many friends but not a single in whom she could confide in. She decided to make diary as her friend and named it Kitty and gave way to all her feelings in it. Like any other teenager, Anne longed for a partner and she found herself deeply in love with Peter. Though her father told her to stay away from him, she didn’t pay heed to his advice and continued meeting him in the attic.

She thought herself a bundle of contradictions who contained cheerfulness and ability to appreciate the lighter side of life on one hand and on another hand, she was deeper and more serious. Unfortunately, she died of typhus, an epidemic in the concentration camp.

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