CIE A level Math -Mechanics :Topic : 4.1 Forces and equilibrium: Newton’s third law: Exam Style Questions Paper 4


A block is at rest on a rough horizontal plane. The coefficient of friction between the block and the plane is 1.25.

(i) State, giving a reason for your answer, whether the minimum vertical force required to move the block is greater or less than the minimum horizontal force required to move the block. [2]

A horizontal force of continuously increasing magnitude P N and fixed direction is applied to the block.

(ii) Given that the weight of the block is 60 N, find the value of P when the acceleration of the block is 4 m s−2



 (i) Less than 

          F = 1.25W so W< F

  (ii) [P – 60 × 1.25 = 6 × 4] 

          P = 99

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