Class 11 English Core Writing and Grammar – Application for a Job

CBSE Class 11 English Letter Writing – Application for a Job

Applications for jobs are written in a very formal, precise and to the point manner. In case the applicant has to focus on his qualifications and experience, a bio-data is enclosed. It includes important information regarding the candidate such as Name, Date of Birth, Contact Address, Educational Qualifications, Professional attainments, Experience, Hobbies, Marital Status, Salary Expected and the References. The forwarding letter has the same format as an official letter. In case, the information about the applicant is not a detailed one, it is included in the body of the letter itself.

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The biodata format or curriculum vitae (C.V.) is written in a standardized format. The forwarding letter reflects the personality of the writer. It must be brief and polite. While stressing personal qualities such as habits, manners, health, physique, etc., it should avoid the two extremes of bragging and ingratiating.
Study the following solved examples:

Solved Questions

Question 1:
India Assurance Company, New Delhi has given an advertisement in ‘The Hindustan Times’ for the recruitment of management trainees to be groomed as managers of their company. Apply for the same, giving your detailed bio-data (curriculum vitae). Invent all necessary details. You are Aman/Aditi, 54-A, Gulab Road, Lucknow.
54-A, Gulab Road
10 March 20XX
The Personnel Manager
India Assurance Company
New Delhi.
Sub : Recruitment of Management Trainee
With reference to your advertisement in The Hindustan Times dated 5th March 20XX for management trainees to be groomed as managers for your company, I would like to be considered for the said post.
My Bio-data is enclosed for your perusal and consideration. If I am found suitable, I can appear for the interview at any time suitable to you. In case of selection, I assure you of my unstinted co-operation and devotion in the discharge of my duties.
Yours faithfully,
Encl. : Bio-data


NameAditi Kukreja
Father’s NameProf. S.N. Kukreja
Address54-A, Gulab Road, Lucknow
Date of Birth7th August 1975
Educational Qualifications
  1. B.Com., Delhi University
  2. MBA from Symbiosis, Pune
  3. Diploma in Computer Application from NUT, Lucknow
Experience1 year
Present EmploymentWorking with Global Telesystems, Lucknow
Marital StatusUnmarried
Personal DetailsAge 27 years Height 5′-3 Weight 60 kg Mother Tongue-Hindi ‘Languages
known-English, Punjabi, French Hobbies-Reading, Listening to music,
References1. Professor Suresh Mohan, IT College, Lucknow
2. Professor Kapil Ranjan, Symbiosis, Pune

Question 2:
We are a reputed publishing house looking for SCIENCE GRADUATES for our Science Division in Mumbai. Fluency in English and knowledge of computers will be an advantage. Apply before 30th April to:
The Personnel Manager
New World Publications
Worli, Mumbai
Ravi Sharma of 59 Sea Side Road, Mumbai sees this advertisement in ‘The Everyday Times’ and decides to apply for the job of Sales Executive. Write an application to the Personnel Manager, New World Publication, Worli, Mumbai.


59 Sea Side Road
26 April 20XX
The Personnel Manager
New World Publications
Sub : Science Division : Executives
With reference to your advertisement in The Everyday Times, dated 24 April, 20XX seeking applications of science graduates, I offer my candidature for the same. Please find enclosed my bio-data / resume to enable you to assess my suitability for the aforesaid post.
Yours faithfully,
Ravi Sharma


NameRavi Sharma
Father’s NameSh. K.M. Sharma
Age25 yrs
Educational Qualifications
  1. ISC from St. Patrick’s School, Bandra 1990 – 75% marks
  2. B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry 1993 : Xaviers College Mumbai
Professional Qualifications
  1. Short term computer course – APTECH
  2. Diploma in Journalism – IGNOU Exam form
Work Experience
  1. Student Editor of School/College magazines
  2. Working with M/s BHARAT SALES as Computer Operator
Marital StatusUnmarried
Other AchievementsProficient in Spoken English and Customer Dealing

Question 3:
Draft an application for the post of an accountant in Pioneers (Pvt.) Ltd. Co. Hyderabad in response to their advertisement that appeared in The Times of India dated 1st August, 20XX. Prepare a biodata to be enclosed. You are Nipun/Aparna.
23 Raman Villa
Race Course Road
August 11, 20XX
The Personnel Manager
Pioneers (Pvt.) Ltd. Co.
Sub : Application for the post of Accountant
In response to your advertisement in The Times of India dated 1 August 20XX, I wish to be considered for the position mentioned above. I feel my qualifications and experience are good enough to enable me to discharge my duties. I attach herewith attested copies of my certificates and my bio-data. If given a chance, I may assure you, sir, that I shall spare no pains in the discharge of my duty honestly and devotedly. I will certainly win the confidence of my superiors.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
End. : Bio-data

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NameNipun Verma
Father’s NameSh. Mohan Lai Verma
Address23, Raman Villa, Race Course Road, Bhopal
Date of Birth15 September 1970
Educational Qualifications
  1. CBSE (10+2) 1987 83%
  2. B.Com. (Hons) 1990 73%
  3. CA 1994
  4. ICWAI 1997
ExperienceTISCO “Bhopal’ since Nov. 1997
Salary ExpectedRs. 9000 p.m. + perks
Marital StatusUnmarried
Languages knownHindi, English, Tamil, Telugu
  1. Dr. V. Anand, H.O.D. Commerce, Holker University, Indore
  2. Sh. R.K. Sareen, Financial Advisor GRASIM (India) Bangalore.

Question 4:
You are Chetan Sharma, a commerce graduate from Delhi University. You are seeking a suitable job. You came across an advertisement in The Times of India, inviting young and dynamic fresh graduates as sales assistants in a reputed company. Apply for the said job to Box No. 8365, C/o The Times of India, New Delhi.
C-40, Ashok Vihar
New Delhi
20 March 20XX
The Advertiser
Box No. 8365
C/o The Times of India
New Delhi
Sub : Application for the Post of Sales Assistants
In response to your advertisement in The Times of India, dated 16 March 20XX requiring young and fresh graduates as sales assistants, I offer myself as a candidate for the same.
I have passed my B.Com. (Hons) from S.R.C.C. Delhi securing 75% marks. I am a young and dynamic student of 21 years. I enjoy a sound health and pleasing personality. I have a reasonable good command over Hindi and English and possess convincing power and fine communication skills.
I hope these factors make me a suitable candidate for the job. If selected, I shall certainly prove myself worthy of the post.
Yours faithfully,
Chetan Sharma

Question 5:
Pramod Suri, a resident of 245, Tilak Nagar, Delhi reads an advertisement for young school boys/girls to market the products of a renowned company in Delhi. He decides to apply for the same. Write Pramod’s application to the Personnel Manager, Harrison and Simpson Ltd. 237, Nehru Place, New Delhi.
245 Tilak Nagar
20 May 20XX
The Personnel Manager
Harrison and Simpson Ltd
237 Nehru Place
New Delhi
Sub : Outdoor Marketing Assistants
In response to your advertisement in The Hindustan Times dated 17 May 20XX requiring young boys and girls for marketing your products in Delhi, I offer myself as one of the candidates.
I fulfil the conditions laid down in your advertisement. I have my own scooter. I enjoy sound health, good personality and pleasing manners. I have reasonably good command over Hindi and English. Although I am just 18 and have finished my schooling from the Summer Fields Public School just this year, I have heard a lot about your prestigious company and your products.
I think it will be an honour to me to get associated with your esteemed concern.
I do assure you of my dedicated service and wholehearted co-operation.
Yours faithfully,
Pramod Suri

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