Class 11 English Core Writing and Grammar – Long Composition – Narratives

CBSE Class 11 English Long Composition – Narratives


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Under this head you may be asked to recount an event/incident that you have experienced. It is a first person account of the event or incident.
Format : Heading
Writer’s name and class
Language : Should be semi-formal. Try to be simple but attractive and appealing. Avoid displaying your linguistic ability
Content : — factual information about incident/experience
— date, time, venue of the incident /experience
— sequence of actions/incidents
— reaction to the incident


Question 1:
Last month you had to go to Delhi by train in an emergency. You got on the train without buying the ticket. Describe your experience in 150-200 words mentioning the following points:
— travelling without a ticket is a crime, what made you travel in such a manner?
— your feelings as you boarded the train.
— your encounter with the ticket-checker.
— how much did you pay as fare and fine.

[Arun, XI A]

Last month I had to go to Delhi by train suddenly at a very short notice. It was an experience which I do not wish to repeat ever. It caused me great embarrassment.
I received a telephonic message that my friend had been seriously injured and was lying in R.M.L. Hospital, Delhi in a critical stage. I at once rushed to the Railway station. An express train was just leaving for Delhi. In my anxiety to be beside my Mend, I forgot that I hadn’t purchased a ticket. The fact dawned on me as a ticket checker entered our compartment. I related the circumstances, but he wouldn’t believe my story. Other passengers made funny remarks and gestures at my discomfiture. I had to pay a hefty fine as well as fare from Aligarh, the last stop.
The incident left a deep impression on my mind. It still haunts me when I sits alone. I shudder to think how unfeeling and apathetic human beings can be to the plight of others.

Question 2:
You were one of the passengers of an ill-fated plane that was hijacked by the terrorists. Sum up your experience and the main incidents before you were released. You may use 150-200 words.

[Archana, XI A]

Amritsar, 1 January 20XX
I was one of the passengers on Delhi bound IA-814 plane. It was a fine, cool December evening. The sky was cloudless. It was about 5.30 p.m. on 28th December. Suddenly we heard a gruff loud voice. It asked the passengers to stay still. The air-hostesses turned pale with fear. The male crew appeared clueless. Gradually, the truth dawned on me. The plane had been hijacked by the terrorists. I felt tense and helpless. The terrorists directed the captain to divert the flight to Lahore and then to Kandhar. We were held as pawns. The hijackers demanded the release of five hard-core terrorists and ransom in crores. They threatened to gun down the passengers. We had a harrowing experience. We had to keep our head between our knees. None dared to open his mouth. One youngman who dared to enter into argument was murdered brutally. This frightened us all. The atmosphere of tension, trouble and harassment prevailed for five days. Somehow, the hard hearted terrorists softened a bit. They released women and children. Being a girl, I was one of the persons to be let off and allowed to go to the airport building. Later on I learnt that male passengers were put to trouble before the demands of the terrorists were fulfilled. This experience left a permanent scar on my heart.

Question 3:
Your grandmother completed eighty years of her age on August 16, 2010. Celebrating her 80th birthday was an event for the family. Describe the event in your words (150-200 words) mentioning the following points:
— preparations for the occasion
— people who gathered
— honour given to grandmother
— her reactions to the occasion
— her personality—smart, witty, etc.
— your reactions

[Ankur, XI A]

Sixteenth August was a grand occasion for our family. My grandmother had turned eighty that day. We organised a family get-together. Messages had been sent to all my uncles, aunts and cousins. The ancestral home was decorated with flowers. A puja was performed in the temple. Then the main function began in the sitting room. It was a very cheerful occasion. All my uncles, aunts and cousins gathered under one roof. She was seated in a high arm chair. My uncle honoured her with a beautiful shawl. Then my parents presented her an almond coloured silk saree. Then came the turn of youngsters. She appreciated all the gifts presented to her and blessed us. She is still smart, witty and energetic. Words of wit and wisdom dropped like honey from her lips. Dressed in her usual orange coloured dress, she appeared like a divine personality. Since I was the youngest member of the family, I received love and affection from everyone. Sometimes I felt as if it was my birthday.

Question 4:
Describe in about 150-200 words your experiences when you were caught in a shower of rain. The following points may help you in writing the paragraph: weather cloudy—no umbrella—heavy showers—thoroughly drenched—shivering—cold and confined to bed

[Sumit, XI B]

It was 27th July. I was returning home after a hot humid day. Suddenly the weather turned cloudy. Soon it began to drizzle. I had no umbrella, as it was clear in the morning. I continued walking. Soon the drizzle changed into heavy showers. There was no shelter available. I had no option but to walk back home in the rain. I had no respite. The rain gained in intensity. Soon strong winds began to blow. I hoped that it would lessen the fury of rain gods and the sky would become clear. I prayed to god to rescue me in this hour of distress. I was shocked to find that the sky had turned darker and gloomier and it was raining so hard and in big drops as if a cloud had burst on me. I was shaken to the spine, still I did not lose faith in my self. Myself confidence enlivened my spirits and I decided to continue walking. By the time I reached home, I was thoroughly drenched. I was shivering with cold. I was confined to bed for four days. I had to swallow bitter pills and stay in bed.

Question 5:
You are Sushant/Shristhi. You participated in a charity show (which was) recently conducted by your school in aid of the flood affected people of Andhra Pradesh. Recount your experiences in about 150-200 words.

[by Sushant/Shristhi]

Our school recently conducted a charity show in aid of the flood-affected people of Andhra. The plight of helpless victims of the flood who had lost their homes and material possessions was heart-rending. We the students, realised our responsibility and resolved to help the unfortunate victims of the vagaries of nature. We presented a gala variety entertainment programme in the townhall at 6.30 p.m. on Saturday evening. The entry was by donor cards only. The response from parents and patrons was overwhelming. The hall was full when the curtain was raised and our school choir presented a welcome song. Then I addressed the audience and explained the purpose of holding this show. This brief speech was followed by a variety of entertainment programmes. The clappings at the end of each item showed that the audience liked it. Then our Principal made a fervant appeal to the public to donate generously to help the victims of nature. A sum of 3.6 lacs was raised by this show. This was handed over to the honorable Chief Minister.

Question 6:
You celebrated your birthday on 4th April. It was a great event for you. Describe the event in about 150-200 words mentioning the following points:
The day, morning celebrations—religious worships-prayers; evening—party at Gaylord’s: invitees; greetings; birthday presents; cake-cutting ceremony; high tea served; cultural programme; thanks.

[by XYZ]

My birthday falls on the 4th April. This year too it was a gala event. Grandpa had arranged a ‘havan’. The priests offered religious worship to the family gods and prayed for my long life. At 6 in the evening I welcomed my friends and relatives at the Gaylord’s. They greeted me with the words “Many happy returns of the day!” They also gave me birthday presents. As I cut the cake all the invitees sang in a chorus: “Happy birthday to you.” I offered them pieces of cake. Then dainty dishes and tea were served. It was followed by a brief but entertaining cultured programme. We had a jolly good time. I thanked all my friends and relatives for their kind visit and good wishes. Thus my birthday was celebrated in both the ways—traditional as well as modem. I sought the blessings of family gods and elders. I also enjoyed the fun of dancing and singing with my peers. At the end of the day, I was dead tired. So I retired to bed early. I had only one regret—Birthday come only once a year.

Question 7:
You took part in a fancy dress competition that was held in your school and won the first prize. Describe your experience in about 150-200 words mentioning the following points: The occasion and the place; the competitors; fancy dresses displayed by them; my performance; prizes.

[by XYZ]

A variety of programme was organised in our school in aid of the drought-affected people. Fancy dress competition was one of the items. It attracted as many as 20 participants. All of them seemed glorious in their splendid dresses. One of them had dressed as Lord Shiva, the “Nataraj’. A girl had dressed herself as a reaper. A boy had come dressed as a juggler and displayed breathtaking feats. People felt amazed and clapped. Then came my turn. I had dressed myself as an old beggar. As I stepped down from the stage and went towards the chief guest with piteous looks and hand spread out for alms, the spectators stood up. My gestures and movements had so moved them that they offered me coins. My item was a huge success and I was awarded the first prize.

Question 8:
You heard some agonising cries from the flat opposite your residence last night. You saw two persons manhandling an old lady who was the sole occupant of the flat. The two burglars ransacked the rooms and fled away. Recount the incident of burglary in 150-200 words. You are Vijay/Varsha of XI B.

[by Vijay]

I was studying in my room when at 11 p.m. I heard some agonising cries from the flat opposite my house. I saw two persons manhandling an old lady who seemed to be the sole occupant of the house. These burglars gagged her and tied her to a pillar. Then they ransacked the rooms. Meanwhile, I contacted the police station and gave brief

description of their physique and clothes as well as their activities. I also informed the police the exact location of the building and the flat of the victim. I was assured that the police would reach the scene of action immediately. Meanwhile, I felt highly agitated and disturbed. I roused the whole household. My mother advised me not to be foolhardy to attack the burglars with my stick. They might be carrying fire-arms. We should exercise caution and prevent the nefarious designs of the burglars. My elder brother found some fire-crackers. He fit them and threw then out of the window. They exploded with loud sound. The two burglars who had already ransacked the rooms felt scared and fled away from the scene. Their luck had, however, run short. The police party who lay in wait nabbed them and put them behind bars.

Question 9:
Vivekanand Model School, Vinay Nagar, organised a picnic of senior students to Badkhal Lake last Sunday. Describe the highlights of the excursion as well as the main features of your pleasure trip in about 150-200 words.

[by XYZ]

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning in November. We left for Badkhal Lake for a picnic in a chartered bus alongwith our class-teacher. The journey took us half an hour. As soon as we crossed the Delhi Border at Badarpur, cool November wind greeted us. When we reached the lawns near the lake, we found the place quite overcrowded. Children and youngsters had come in glittering and colourful dresses. We selected a shady comer and sat there. We decided to play some amusing group games. Every one had to entertain others at his turn. We all sang and danced for hours together. Some of us could not resist the temptation of having a dip in the lake. Some others enjoyed boating under the supervision of the boating instructors. Some of us enjoyed swimming in the lake. I was scared of the deep waters. So I confined my aquatic activities to the shallow water near the bank of the lake. By 1 p.m. we felt hungry. We enjoyed the food we had brought. Them we rested for a while under the trees and listened to recorded music. It was 3 p.m. We divided ourselves in groups and enjoyed playing outdoor games. After playing hide-and- seek for an hour we left the place. It was indeed a great fun.

Question 10:
You were waiting for your school bus at Mayur Vihar stop. Suddenly a motorcyclist came towards the queue of persons waiting for D.T.C. bus. The youngman snatched the necklace and the piirse from a lady. Describe the incident (in 150-200 words) mentioning the following points:
Date—Time—Venue—people who were waiting—the motorcyclist’s description— registration no. of vehicle—the act of snatching—riding away—reactions of the lady and others.

[by XYZ]

Last Thursday, I was waiting for my school bus at Mayur Vihar bus stop (Phase-I). It was about 8.30 a.m. The office-goers had started pouring in and formed queues for separate bus routes. Suddenly a motorcyclist came towards the shelter for passengers. The youngman slowed down his mobike near a young lady. In a twinkle of eyelid he snatched her necklace and purse and rode away fast. The screams of the young lady attracted the attention of others. I had scribbled the registration number of the vehicle. Meanwhile a Police mobile van arrived there. The young lady kept on crying and shedding tears. Some elderly gentlemen narrated the scene in brief. Then the inspector asked us about the registration number of the vehicle and the identity of the motorcyclist. I at once handed over the registration number of the motor cycle. The police inspector congratulated me on my alertness. He patted me on the back and asked me to describe the clothes, physical appearance and manners of chain-snatcher. I gave as detailed and graphic description as I could. The inspector flashed the details over wireless. The chain-snatcher was nabbed and taken to police station. All praised me for my alertness.

Question 11:
Your class teacher asked for student volunteers to write the examination for blind candidates of XII class. You were supposed to read out the questions to the blind candidates and write the answers dictated by them. You were selected for your beautiful handwriting and good listening ability. Describe in about 150-200 words your experience and sense of satisfaction you got from helping a handicapped person.

[by XYZ]

Last week my class teacher gave me a new assignment. I was entrusted the responsibility to write the final examination of class XII for a blind candidate. It was a challenging task as I had to read the questions to him and write the answers he dictated. My doubts and fears subsided as the blind boy listened patiently and calmly. Then he dictated the answers correctly and precisely. It seemed that his knowledge was immense. As I went on writing the answers, I could not help marvelling at his remarkable ability. What perseverance he had! How patiently he must have studied! He must have studied thoroughly and devoted a lot of time. What perseverance, what dedication to knowledge he exhibited! I was thrilled that I was contributing to his progress. It was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed the unique satisfaction of doing something worthwhile.

Question 12:
When earthquake struck on 26th Jan., you were at home watching TV. Describe your experience of the quake, what you felt, what you did and what you saw, how your family members and neighbours reacted. Write a paragraph of about 150-200 words.

[by XYZ]

I did not know doom’s day was minutes away as I settled down in front of the TV. Suddenly the window panes rattled and cracked. The fans started swaying. I understood that an earthquake had rocked the city. I shouted to everyone to rush to the open. The shaking was so violent that I could not stand upright. There was a loud sound of crash—of a massive crack. My sister picked up her baby and its milk bottle. I grabbed her hand and helped mother rise. Father had already opened the front door. Within seconds, the staircase had become overcrowded. We rushed in our slippers. Some of our neighbours were barefeet. On reaching the ground, my sister wondered if she had switched off the gas. There was no time to go back and check. Another jolt and the building crashed like a pack of cards. We had a horrible experience as we had been rendered homeless in five minutes.

Question 13:
One day your pet dog, Roxy was hit badly by a careless teenage scooterist. His injury caused you great worry and sadness but you did not panic. You quickly gave him first aid and took him to a vet. Describe your experience in about 150-200 words.

[by XYZ]

My pet Roxy is six month old. It is white, fluffy and playful. Sometimes it wanders onto the road. Yesterday it was hit by a speeding scooterist—some youngman in hurry— some rash teenager of our colony. Roxy barked and collapsed. For a moment he was absolutely still. His eyes showed pain. He looked expectantly towards me. I touched his legs and found one of his legs broken. I at once swung into action. I put Roxy on a hardboard and gave him a pain killing tablet. Then I took him to a vet. He examined Roxy and put the broken leg in plaster. My worry was over as Roxy had been well taken care of. However, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for young Roxy—he would have to move on three legs for a month! Poor Chap!

Question 14:
Write in about 150-200 words about the day when you were alone in the house and unexpectedly visitors arrived. You had to serve them snacks, make conversation and spend one hour with them till your parents arrived.

[by XYZ]

It was the 7th March when I was busy poring over my notes and preparing for the next day’s Maths paper—the toughest nut to crack. I was confronted with certain problems whose solutions eluded me. I was thinking of contacting my chum, Ritu, when the front-door bell rang. I opened the door to see my aunt and her two sons. I informed them of my parents’ absence. Aunt decided to wait. Now I had no option but to entertain the guests. I went into the kitchen and found some ready-made snacks. Now I had to make intelligent conversation with my aunt. It proved to be nerve-wrecking because she knew nothing about computers, cricket or western pop-music and I did not know anything about the scriptures, Hindi-films or film stars. Time seemed to move at snail’s pace. Fortunately, my parents arrived and I felt a sigh of relief.

Question 15:
It was an unusual day at school. A monkey entered the school premises and caused a lot of excitement as well as fear among the students. There was confusion and noise when it entered a classroom,’ snatched a child’s tiffin in the playground. Write in 150-200 words about this experience showing your role in chasing it away with the help of your classmates.

[by XYZ]

The Monkey Man had caused a panic in our colony. A simple, ordinary monkey created confusion and chaos when he entered our school and visited a classroom. The children of VI C screamed together when they saw a monkey sitting on their window ledge. The monkey made faces and threatened to attack us. This caused general panic and the students rushed out of the classroom. Meanwhile the monkey snatched a small child’s tiffin. As the Head boy, I felt duty bound to bring the situation under control. I asked one of classmates to bring some bananas and the others to bring sticks. I threw two bananas towards the monkey. He released the tiffin and caught hold of the bananas. Now we chased him with sticks unhand. The monkey left the scene. I reassured the young boys.

Question 16:
A visit to the railway station may be a rewarding as well as entertaining experience. Recount your experience of visiting the railway station recently to receive your friend in 150-200 words. You may use the following verbal input as well as your own ideas: Visit to station—to receive a friend—train late—enough time—enjoy the scene—second class waiting room—booking office—scene outside the station—scene on the platform— before and after the arrival of the train—after the train’s departure—deserted place— peace and quiet.

[by XYZ]

Last Sunday I had to go to the railway station to receive a friend. On reaching the station I learnt that the train was late. So I had enough time to enjoy the scene. The second class waiting room was packed to its capacity. Some passengers were chatting in groups, others were lying on the floor. There were long queues before the booking windows. The enquiry clerk seemed very busy. The coolies were carrying luggage to the platform. The railway platform presented an interesting, amusing and absorbing scene. The hawkers were having a good time. People were anxiously waiting for the train. The scene changed as soon as the train arrived. There was a lot of noise and confusion. Everyone was eager to get down. They were pushed back by those who wanted to get in. My friend waved to me. I helped him in moving down his luggage. Soon the guard whistled and the train moved off. Now the platform looked deserted. I came out of the station with my friend.

Question 17:
You visited the Basant fair in village Nurpur alongwith your friends. Write your experience in 150-200. You may take help of the following verbal input:
Basant Panchmi—the spring festival—fair at Nurpur village—river bank—large crowds— happy and gay—shops of all kinds—stalls—hawkers—snake charmers—quacks, sadhus, beggars, astrologers—shows—a small temple—police arrangement—volunteers—lost children—evil-minded persons.

[by XYZ]

‘Basant Panchmi’ heralds the spring season. The day itself is celebrated as the spring festival. A fair is held at Nurpur village on the bank of a river. I alongwith my friends decided to go to the village fair. We saw large crowds of people wearing gala dresses. They looked very happy and gay. Women were singing folk songs. The fair was full of great activity and excitement. There were shops of all kinds. Hawkers were having brisk sales. Young boys and girls were enjoying a swing in the merry-go-rounds. Women were hovering around bangle sellers. Rural folk were enjoying the feats of rope dancers, snake charmers, jugglers and magicians. There was a small temple on the river bank. People were offering sweets, flowers and coins to Lord Shiva. The police was keeping vigil over the evil-minded persons such as pickpockets, eve-teasers and drunkards. Volunteers served water to thirsty persons and helped to trace lost children.

Question 18:
You were invited to the birthday party of your close friend Mohit, celebrating his sixteenth birthday. You enjoyed the party immensely as it was very well planned. Recount your experience in about 150-200 words. You may include the following points: — Occasion; place & date
— description of the venue, decoration
— persons present
— party games; singing, dancing and music
— cake ceremony—presents
— food—delicious
— atmosphere—love, affection, merriment
— return gifts

[by XYZ]

Attending Mohit’s sixteenth birthday party at his ancestral home ‘Pratiksha’ was a joyous experience. The house was tastefully decorated with flowers. The seats for guests were arranged beautifully, partly in the drawing room and partly in the front lawn. Mohif s family, uncles, cousins and close friends were present. All of them were in high spirits. Now party games were played. Even grown-ups enjoyed silly games like musical chairs and ‘antaakshari’. Singing and dancing followed. The teenagers took the lead and started dancing on the latest fast paced tunes. At 8.00 p.m., Mohit cut the cake. All cheered and wished him a happy birthday. Each one offered some present to Mohit wishing him many happy returns of the day. Then delicious food was served. We enjoyed the atmosphere of love, affection and merriment. The party concluded with return gifts to the guests.

Question 19:
You are Shweta. You enjoyed a trip on the Delhi Metro from Tis Hazari to Shahdara and concluded that your trip on the Delhi Metro was quite exciting experience. Reproduce your experiences and reflections on the Delhi Metro bringing out some of its salient features. (Words limit: 150-200)

(by Shweta)

The Delhi Metro Rail was commissioned by the Prime Minister on 25 December, 2002. Initially it is to run between Tis Hazari and Shahdara, but gradually more areas will be covered. It is an electricity run, fully non-polluting train. The doors dose automatically before the train starts. Hence there is greater safety of the passengers during travel. It is expected to carry around two lakh persons everyday and generate a revenue of upto 8 lakhs. There is a scramble for travelling by metro and several schools are interested in taking their students for a joy ride. Delhi is proud of its Metro. It is evident from the fact that metro rail was the tableau from Delhi State in the 2003 Republic Day Parade and Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vijay Kapoor termed commissioning of the Delhi Metro as the most remarkable event in the whole year. Delhiites can really feel proud of travelling in a fast moving, safe, pollution-free train.

Question 20:
You are Manju/Mohit, staying at the fifth floor of a multi-storeyed building in Ahmedabad. Describe in 150-200 words, your experience of the earthquake which shook Gujarat with the help of the points given below:
26th Jan. having tea—5th floor apartments—every thing started shaking—ran downstairs with family—people shouting—managed to reach the car—the building developed huge cracks—neighbouring houses destroyed—lakhs of people buried.

(by Mohit)

It was 8.30 a.m. on the 26th January when I was having my breakfast. I had to attend the state level function at 9 a.m. I was eager to watch the function at the parade grounds. Suddenly, the flat started shaking violently. The clock fell down at 8.40 a.m. I looked out of my fifth floor apartment. The building opposite was swaying. Suddenly it started collapsing. The ceiling fan and lamps in my room were also swaying violently. I heard a loud crashing sound. I called my mother and father and ran towards the door. The staircase was already overcrowded. People were shouting. Children were crying. My son Rohit also began to sob. My wife soothed him. The building was now rocking more violently. As we reached the ground floor, I saw cracks in it. Somehow we managed to reach my car and drove away. As I reached open space, I saw dust and rubble all around. Ahmedabad had become a devastated area with lakhs of people trapped under the debris.

Question 21:
You are Disha/Dinesh. You were an eye witness to a fight between a landlord and his tenant. You and other neighbours tried to pacify them. Describe the incident in about 150-200 words using the following verbal input:
Landlord asks for the rent—tenant refuses—asks for more facilities—exchange of hot words—blows—neighbours inform police—both taken into custody.
Your description should be in about 150-200 words.

[fry Disha]

Quarrels between a landlord and his tenant are a common occurrence in Indian cities. Yesterday I witnessed a fight between a landlord and his tenant in our block. They were engaged in a heated argument. The landlord was asking the tenant for rent at enhanced rates, but the tenant consistently refused to yield to his demand for enhancement. He argued that the house lacked even essential facilities. From exchange of hot words, they soon turned to exchange of blows. I reached there, neighbours and other also, flocked to the scene. All of us tried to pacify them. Our intervention seemed to add fuel to the fire. Each tried to shout down the other. Then I and some other neighbours separated them .and took them some distance apart. Our conciliatory efforts seemed to bear fruit. Just then there was a barrage of taunts and abuses from inside the house. It seemed that the wives of the landlord and the tenant had now jumped in the fray. This flared up the two gentlemen. From verbal exchanges, they came to physical handling, blows, pulls and pushes. Meanwhile, a police van arrived and took them in custody on the charge of breach of peace. They reached a compromise at the police station and were released on bail.

Question 22:
You are going with your class on a picnic and you wish to enjoy to the fullest. What preparations will you make? Describe in about 150-200 words. You may use the suggestions given below as well as some ideas of your own:
wear suitable clothes and shoes—pack favourite food in large quantity—carry games equipment—sitting down and group games—plan entertainment: songs, jokes—carry basic first aid needs

[by XYZ]

Picnics provide refreshing change from the dull routine. The long awaited class picnic on 5th February is our last chance to enjoy together before the final examinations. Some girls are planning to wear fancy dresses and high heels. I will put on a suitable dress so that I can walk and run. Hence I shall wear Jeans and comfortable shoes. We have planned everything and assigned jobs. Rita will bring cassettes and record player. Nitu will carry food. Ashu will bring paper plates, plastic glasses, etc. for forty persons. Nisha will carry fruits. The boys will carry playing cards, cricket equipment and chess board. We have devised some group games. I have planned some items for entertainment and spotted the singers and fun-loving pranksters who can relate jokes and play real tricks. Mother insists that I should take a first aid kit.

Question 23:
During the summer vacation Mahesh visited his grandfather living in his native village Gauripur. It was a very pleasant yet unusual experience for him. Look at the pictures given below and write about this and other such experiences in 150-200 words.

( by Mahesh )

I had been to my native village five years ago and had very faint memories. But when I visited my grandfather during this summer vacation, all the earlier experiences were revived. What a contrast the village presented. Instead of bullocks, I saw tractors ploughing the fields. Electric motors were drawing water to irrigate fields which were full of tall and green maize plants. Many trees were planted on the boundaries of the farm. However, the scene at the village pond remained more or less unchanged. I could still notice buffaloes lying in water, a boy riding one of them and rural women washing clothes there. What shocked me was that filthy water from drains was being carried to the pond. The old habits of villagers still persisted. Heaps of rubbish and dung were lying here and there. Stray dogs and pigs were wallowing in the dirt and mud. I beat a hasty retreat to my farm house as I could not stand the filth and nauseating smell.

Question 24:
Your family has moved into a new house and you have been given a room of your own. Write in about 150-200 words how you would like to set up and decorate your room. You may use the following suggestions as well as your own ideas:
favourite colour scheme—arrangement of furniture—study and work area—sleep area— clothes cupboard—decoration, posters.

[by XYZ]

My room is place of my own in our vast new house. I have planned to set it up and decorate it according to my heart. It will reflect my personality. The walls will be painted off-white: neither shining like ivory nor dull like cream. It will have linings of golden brown to mark the boundaries of the doors, windows and cupboards. My bed cover, curtains and pictures will be matching/contrasting the colour scheme of walls/ ceiling. I’ll like to avoid overcrowding my room. So I’ll keep minimum furniture—my bed, a study table, shelves for books and music system. The cupboard for clothes will be built in the walls. I shall put on my painting on the front wall and of Sachin and Hritik on the sidewalls. The vase in the comer will have fresh flowers to make my room fragrant and beautiful.

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Question 25:
The deserted house on the’ top of the hill fascinates and frightens you as many stories are associated with it. Some say evil spirits visit it, others say that it is haunted by its owner, an old witch; still others say it is the den of thieves. You, a group of four adventurous boys, visited the house on a moonlit night. Describe the house, its atmosphere, sights and sounds and your reactions in about 150-200 words.

[by XYZ]

We a group of fearsome foursome decided to unravel the mystery of the haunted house atop the hill and put an end to all the tell-tale stories associated with it. We made full preparations and launched our mission on a moon-lit night. The ascent on the hill was not difficult, but the eerie atmosphere sent a chill down our spine. The creaky sound of the old tree and hooting of an owl frightened Vibhu, but Anshu encouraged us. With the help of a stick we opened a window and crept in. What we saw inside amazed us. It was neat and clean and a printing machine and computer were there. As we examined closely we found wads of 500 notes in a box. I took out one of them. In the morning we reported the matter to the police. The house was raided and anti-social elements who printed and circulated fake currency were arrested. Thus the mystery of the haunted house was unravelled.

Question 26:
You were coming back from the temple. You had some fruit and sweets in your basket. Suddenly a group of monkeys rushed towards you and tried to snatch your offerings. Narrate in about 150-200 words how you managed to save yourself from the monkeys.


Last Tuesday, I visited the Hanuman Temple as usual. I offered prayers and then some sweets as offerings. I distributed some fruits and sweets to the children who had gathered in the temple courtyard. While I was returning home, suddenly a group of monkeys surrounded me. Some of them rushed towards me and made menacing gestures. It seemed that they were trying to frighten me and snatch my offerings. A group of passers-by stood helplessly. An old lady threw some bananas towards the monkeys. Most of them rushed towards them. However, I did not get respite. One of the monkeys pounced on the balloon I had in my left hand. It burst with a loud sound. For a moment the monkeys were baffled. I saw my opportunity and moved away silently. Thus I managed to save myself from the monkeys.

Question 27:
The markets in Indian cities and towns are always full of noise, movement and jostling. People from various walks of life come and do shopping or conduct business there. Sometimes strange incidents occur. You heard an explosion while shopping. Narrate in about 150-200 words how you and your mother behaved during the panicky situation and the stampede that followed thereafter.


Yesterday, I went with my mother to the central market to do some weekly shopping. The market was hill of noise, movement and jostling. We had almost completed making purchases. We were about to cross the road when we heard an explosion. There was a deafening sound. People ran here and there in panic. There was a stampede.’ My mother fell down. I shouted for help. I tried to lift her up, but failed to do so. In the meanwhile several people jumped across her. Some of them even trampled her with their feet. She lost consciousness. A stroke of good luck came in at the proper time. A group of youngmen saw my plight and helped me in carrying my mother to a taxi. I took my mother to the nearest hospital. The doctors examined her and gave her proper treatment. Soon mother regained consciousness. The doctor declared that she was ah right. I thanked the doctor and the youngman who had brought her there. Then I took her home.

Question 28:
You were travelling in a train. A group of animals came on the railway track. The driver applied emergency brakes. The sudden jolt upset many passengers. One of the derailed coaches caught fire owing to friction and short circuiting. There was a panic. Narrate in about 150-200 words how you managed to save yourself as well as others.
Last week I was travelling to Ambala by the Kalka Mail. The train was running at over 150 km per hour. It was passing through the rural area. Suddenly a herd of buffaloes came on the railway track. The driver tried to scare them away by sounding long whistles. The animals not only ignored it but also squat on the track. Now the driver had no option but to apply emergency brakes. The impact was so sudden and severe that many persons fell down from the upper berths. Sudden application of brakes and the momentum of the coaches derailed two coaches. The friction caused by the brakes ignited some inflammable material in the coaches. The coach caught fire. There was panic all around. It was a dark moonless night. Electric supply of the derailed coaches had been disrupted. Extricating the passengers from the burning bogie became an uphill task. Some young men and young girls jumped through the doors, other passengers were given help and support to alight. Two persons had swooned. Their bodies had to be pulled across the floorwood then lowered down the door. They were given mouth- to-mouth respiration. Then rotined consciousness as the impact of the shock lessened.

Question 29:
Anupama decided to write a story, but after some time, she could not complete the story as she lost interest. Complete her story on the basis of the beginning given below. (Word limit: 150-200)
“A rich merchant, who lived in the city, had a big mango garden in the countryside. He had employed watchmen to guard his mangoes, but… .”


A rich merchant, who living the city, had a big mango garden in the countryside. He had employed watchmen to guard his mangoes, but his watchmen were not honest. They cheated him systematically. They ate the best mangoes, and sent inferior ones to the merchant. The latter felt upset but could not pinpoint the culprit. The merchant tried many watchmen, but all of them were found to be dishonest.
At last the merchant had an idea. He put two watchmen in his garden. One was lame, the other was blind. They watched the garden together. They could not pick the fruit. The merchant found them good watchmen and rewarded them.
One day the lame watchman noticed ripe mangoes on a tree. He said, “How sweet and delicious these must be!” The blind watchman said, “The smell is very pleasant. I wish I could taste one.” The lame watchman hit upon a plan. They should work as a team. He said, “O, brother! We can fulfil our desire. Please carry me on your shoulders. I will guide you.” The blind man did so. The lame watchman showed him the way. Then he picked the best mangoes. They ate them together.
Moral’. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Question 30:
Last week you visited a restaurant and were amused to see the waiter catching hold of the owner and asking him to pay the bill. On being scolded, the waiter explained the whole incident. On the basis of what you saw and heard, narrate in about 150-200 words how the three youngmen tricked the waiter.


Once there lived three youngmen in a town who lived by their wits. The three were good friends and were always on the lookout for entertainment. One of them, who was a short person, was exceptionally clever. They often played tricks on people and always had a good fun.
One day they went to a hotel and played a trick on the waiter. They had eggs, bread, fruit and coffee for breakfast. Then the bulky one said, “Bring the bill.” When the waiter brought the bill, each of them wanted to pay it. The short man said, “It is my turn today. I’ll foot the bill.” “No,” said the lanky one, “You paid for the dinner. Let me pay now.” The bulky one chipped in, “O smart fellows! You want to take all credit. I won’t let this happen. I insist that no one else but I will pay the bill.” The waiter as well as the other customers were surprised.
As the three youngmen were about to quarrel, the short man suggested a plan. He said to the waiter, “We shall blindfold you. Try to catch one of us. That one will pay the bill. Isn’t it simple?”
The waiter agreed to be blindfolded. He tried to catch them, but each of them slipped away. Just then the owner of the hotel came in. The waiter caught him and said, “Look! I have caught you. Now pay the bill.” The owner said, “O fool! What are you doing? Have you lost sense?” On being scolded the waiter released the owner and removed the cloth over his eyes. He looked around for the three youngmen. But it was too late now. The trick had worked.
Moral: Beware of sweet words.

Question 31:
Sunday is a day of rest and repose, but some of us go on accumulating work and postpone it for Sunday. Once you were also ensnared in this web and discovered that it pays to be regular. Narrate in about 150-200 words the incidents that liberated you from the habit of procrastination and postponement.


Sunday is a day of rest and repose. People either stay at home and relax or go out in the company of family or Mends to enjoy themself. In either case, they get relief from the routine work of the week. There are, however, some of us who go on accumulating work and postpone it for Sunday. Right after breakfast they get busy in doing the work they have piled up for Sunday. The drudgery goes on till evening. Once I was also ensnared in this web of procrastination and postponement. That Sunday I started in right earnest and enjoyed doing some of the unfinished tasks. I had washed my clothes, cleaned the room and arranged my books. The physical labour and fatigue took its toll on me. As I sat down in front of the computer to complete the assignments I had reserved for Sunday, I felt drowsy. There was no coordination between head, hand and heart. Inept handling of computer further compounded the problems. Even the simple problems became complicated and defied solutions. I committed some error in operations and had to start from the beginning In this state of utter confusion, I had no option but to retire for a couple of minutes. The post-lunch nap stretched to hours. I woke up only when my Mend arrived. Realising my predicament she offered help. Within an hour we were able to complete all the assignments. On being asked the secret of her success, my Mend explained that she did not postpone tasks. She devoted some extra time each day and kept her Sunday free for rest and repose. I took a leaf out of her book and resolved to give up the habit of procrastination and postponement.

Question 32:
This year the monsoons were quite erratic. It rained incessantly and in plenty at certain
places, whereas large tracts of the country had scanty rains. Suppose you live in an area which had a downpour that disrupted normal life. Narrate in about 150-200 words your activities on such a rainy day. .


Being drenched in the showers of rain looks good only in films. Children and young boys and girls like bathing in rain. To them rain is a fun. But constant downpour can be irksome. I discovered this unpleasant truth at my own expense last month. The monsoons had lashed our town with all its fury. It had rained non-stop all night. I had to attend an important meeting scheduled at 11.00 a.m. I had prepared hard for it. I came downstairs after getting ready to leave when a fresh burst of torrential rain greeted my arrival in the porch. As I inserted the ignition key to reverse the car on to the road, I was dismayed to find that the road had changed into a pool. The level of water went on rising, as I kept waiting in my car and hoping it to recede. At last my patience gave in and I got out of the car. I tried to contact the organizers in order to acquaint them of my predicament, but could not contact anyone. In desperation I went up to the terrace and began to watch the rain. The more I was eager for the rain to lessen its intensity, the bigger were the rain drops and greater was their speed. I lost all hope of going out. I was doomed to have a forced holiday. “Then why not enjoy the break,” said someone in my ear. Instantly my anxiety and worry evaporated in the air and like a teenager I focussed on the rain. I discovered new beauty and enjoyed the thrill of rain dance. The drops of rain had their own song. I listened and enjoyed it.

Question 33:
You were reading stories of bravery and adventure. You chanced to go through the story of strong bond a friendship between two youngmen—Damon and Pythias of Syracuse and their spirit of sacrifice as the cruel king Dionysius tried to test their friendship. Recount the story of the two friends of Syracuse in about 150-200 words.


Two youngmen, Damon and Pythias lived in Syracuse, which was then ruled over by a cruel king named Dionysius. Once Dionysius heard that Pythias was calling him a cruel ruler. He ordered his men to bring Pythias before him. He said, “I find that you are my enemy; so you shall die.” He then ordered his men to take the youngman away and kill him. But pythias wanted to see his old father before his death. So he begged the king, “Give me two weeks. I will see my father and come back. Then you can put me to death”. Dionysius did not believe the youngman’s words. He said, “Put a man in your place and then go. I will give you two weeks. Will anyone take your place?”
Damon, who loved Phythias and regarded him as his brother, now came up and said, “I will take his place.” Dionysius looked at him and said, “Remember that you will be put to death in his place.”
Damon was taken to prison and Pythias went home. He saw his father, said good-bye and left for Syracuse at once. On the way he was caught in a storm and was not able to travel for several days.
When two weeks passed, the king went to Damon and asked him to get ready to die. Damon was happy to die because he wanted to save his friend. Pythias arrived at the last minute. The king was moved by their deep love. He said, “You are my friends from today. You are both free.”
Moral: True friendship overcomes all obstacles.

Question 34:
The food we eat has many flavours—sweet, bitter, sour, tangy, saltish, etc. Children like sweet taste and so do many grown ups. However, it is salt that adds to the sweetness of sweets and makes the food palatable. Construct a story in about 150-200 words to highlight the relative importance of salt and sugar in our life.


A rich old man had two daughters. He loved both of them. Once he asked them, “What is the sweetest thing in the world?”
“Sugar”, said the older girl.
“Salt”, said the younger one.
The old man thought that the younger daughter was mocking him. He said, “If salt is sweeter than sugar, you had better find another home where the cooking is more to your taste.” Saying so, he pushed her out of the house.
It was a beautiful summer night. The pretty maiden sat singing in the forest near the father’s country house, when a young prince, who had lost his way while hunting, came towards her. Struck by her beauty and gaiety, he fell in love with her. He took her to his palace and proposed to marry her. The girl agreed provided he held a banquet and got dishes prepared as she .directed. The prince readily agreed.
The young bride invited her father to the wedding banquet without telling him who she was. All the dishes were prepared without salt, and the guests began to murmur. “Oh,” said the bride’s father, “salt is truly the sweatest thing in the world. But when my daughter said so, I threw her out of the house. If only I could see her again and tell her how sorry I was!”
Drawing the veil from her face, the happy girl went up to him and hugged him. Then properly salted dishes were brought in, and all the guests ate their fill.

Question 35:
All of us have to make choices in life. These choices have a far-reaching effect on the course of our life. Good choices build our career and make us successful. Wrong choices pave our way with difficulties and lead to ruin. Narrate in about 150-200 words how the choices of the fairies of the forest regarding their dwelling places brought safety to some of them and suffering to the others.


Once the fairies of.the forest set out to choose their dwelling places. Some were wise in making their choices and some were foolish.
The wise fairies shunned the trees that stood alone in the open fields, and settled in a thick forest. But the foolish ones said, “Why should we crowd together in a forest? Let us go and live in the lonely trees near the villages, where humans will bring us gifts.” So they settled there.
Time passed. Both the groups were happy at their choices. One night a great tempest swept over the country. The lonely trees were blown down, and the foolish fairies became homeless. But the great dense forest resisted the fury of the storm. The wise fairies lived unharmed. The foolish fairies came to the dense forest and sought shelter there.
The wise fairies said to the foolish ones, “People should stand together like a dense forest. It is only the solitary tree, growing unprotected in the open field that is overthrown by a silly thing like a sotrm.” The foolish fairies felt ashamed.
Moral: United we survive, divided we fall.

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