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Hybridization of carbon;bonds; Shapes of simple organic molecules, Structural and geometrical isomerism, Optical isomerism of compounds containing up to two asymmetric centres, (R,S and E,Z nomenclature excluded).IUPAC nomenclature of simple organic compounds (only hydrocarbons, mono-functional, and bi-functional compounds), Conformations of ethane and butane (Newman projections), Resonance and hyper conjugation.Keto-enol tautomerism, Determination of empirical and molecular formulae of simple compounds (only combustion method); Hydrogen bonds: definition and their effects on physical properties of alcohols and carboxylic acids.Inductive and resonance effects on acidity and basicity of organic acids and bases, Polarity and inductive effects in alkyl halides.Reactive intermediates produced during homolytic and heterolytic bond cleavage, Formation, structure and stability of carbocations, carbanions and free radicals.

NCERT for IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry – Organic Chemistry Concepts

Class XI and Class XII NCERT can really test your understanding of fundamental of Chemistry. In fact this book excellently covers all types of numericals related to Organic Chemistry. I would say it will really enhance your grips on the subject and for sure you can expect at least 40–50 % direct questions from NCERT in IIT. We , Ex-IITian at https://www.iitianacademy.com. will make sure you understand the concept well.

IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Concepts Notes, Solved Examples.

Get Notes prepared by Ex-IITIan for IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry , Organic Chemistry Concepts.

O P Tondon IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Solutions Organic Chemistry Concepts

Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon is a must-have for all those who are preparing for IIT JEE or other engineering entrance examinations.he book covers the entire Organic Chemistry syllabus including Organic Chemistry Concepts, Radioactivity and Nuclear Transformation and Stoichiometry. The OP Tandon Organic Chemistry book covers each and every topic related to the JEE preparation. I will help you online for any doubt / clarification.

Morrison & Boyd IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Solutions Organic Chemistry Concepts

Morrison & Boyd Organic Chemistry book can help you clear concepts used in solving Organic Chemistry numerical quite well. It includes enhanced explanations and mathematical presentation of the concepts; several solved examples, and self-test. There are exercises at the end of each chapter. There is a checklist of key equations too at the end of every chapter which is quite useful for students during revisions. Full color text design is helpful in engaging students and makes the book interesting to read.

IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Assignments

Chapter wise assignments are being given by teachers to students to make them understand the chapter concepts. Its extremely critical for all CBSE students to practice all assignments which will help them in gaining better marks in examinations. All assignments available for free download on the website are developed by the best teachers having many years of teaching experience in CBSE schools all over the country. Students, teachers and parents are advised to contact me online incase of any doubt / clarification.

Past Many Years (40 Years) Questions IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Solutions Organic Chemistry Concepts

Past 40 Years Question Papers Solutions for IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Organic Chemistry Concepts are provided here with simple step-by-step explanations. These solutions for Organic Chemistry Concepts are extremely popular among IIT JEE Advanced students for Chemistry . Organic Chemistry Concepts Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. All questions and answers from the Past Many Years Question Papers Book of IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Chapter Organic Chemistry Concepts are provided here for . I will help you online for any doubt / clarification.

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