Year 2 Maths Worksheets and Online Practice Questions for lower Key Stage 2 , age 5–6

What is the power produced by an appliance marked ” ,

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The curriculum for Maths in Year 2

The national curriculum for Year 2 math in most countries typically covers a range of topics that build upon the foundational skills developed in Year 1. Here is a detailed overview of the common topics and concepts covered in Year 2 math:

Unit. 1 : Number and Place Value

Unit. 2 : Addition and Subtraction

Unit. 3 : Multiplication and Division

Unit. 4 : Fractions

Unit. 5 : Measurement

Unit. 6 : Geometry

Unit. 7 : Statistics

In Year 2 math, the emphasis is on developing a solid understanding of number sense, basic arithmetic operations, and introducing foundational concepts in other areas of mathematics. It involves a combination of hands-on activities, visual representations, problem-solving, and reasoning tasks to support the development of mathematical skills and understanding.

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