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  • AMI Enterprise Service
  • AMI Master Data
  • AMI Master Data Part2
  • AMI Master Data Part 3
  • AMI Solution Architecture
  • AMI Meter Reading Part 1
  • AMI Meter Reading Part 2
  • AMI Meter Reading Part 3
  • AMI Billing
  • AMI Configuration

What is Smart Metering?

  • Many different definitions
  • Siemens says that Smart Meters “enable” the last mile

– Intelligent monitoring of consumption

– Bi-directional data transmission

– Increased security of supply and higher efficiency

– Variable tariffs dependent on overall consumption and grid load

What Smart Metering Offers

  • Provides detailed information on what is being consumed/delivered on a quasi-real-time basis

– Supports in-home displays

  • Provides the data for consumers and utilities to make smart energy choices
  • Improves utility operations by (for example):

– Identifying where energy is being consumed

– Helps localize outages

– Highlights areas with possible energy theft

  • Helps customers deliver energy to grid
  • Eliminates the need to change meters when services or features are modified (such as time-of-use)
  • Provides a pathway to the Smart Grid

What we can do with Smart metering Applications. Below are few application derived from available large chunk of data from AMI system.

Monthly meter reading – total consumption

  • Off-cycle meter reading – total consumption
  • Monthly kW demand read
  • Static time of use (e.g., peak, off-peak, shoulder)
  • Real-time pricing (passive load control)
  • Curtailment or interruptible service
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Outage detection

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a comprehensive, integrated collection of devices, networks, computer systems, protocols and organizational processes dedicated to bi-directionally distributing highly accurate information about customer electricity and / or gas usage throughout the utility and back to the customers themselves.

Key AMI Capabilities:

  • Record customer consumption and meter event information hourly   or more frequently
  • Remote disconnection and reconnection
  • Outage detection
  • Quality of supply monitoring
  • Demand limiting
  • Communication interface to in-house displays, direct load control   equipment etc.

Enterprise Services – Technical Master Data Exchange



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