Solutions to I E Irodov – Problems in General Physics

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Solution To Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov

IRODOV is considered synonymous with problem-solving and concept development in Physics. The problems covered in the book are nothing but a challenge to the best brains in the world and this iitianacademy contains solutions to those trickiest problems which require the use of principles across two or more topics of Physics.

The present link Solutions to Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov  gives not just the solutions to the problems compiled in a great book but also shows the ways to approach the difficult and concept-based problems in Physics. This part covering Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Molecular Physics has been divided into two parts namely Mechanics and Thermodynamics & Molecular Physics divided into 10 chapters namely Kinematics, The Fundamental Equation of Dynamics, Laws of Conservation Energy, Momentum & Angular Momentum, Universal Gravitation, Dynamics of Solid Body, Elastic Deformation of Solid Body, Hydrodynamics, Equation of the Gas State Processes, First Law of Thermodynamics: Heat Capacity and Kinetic Theory of Gases, Boltzman’s Law & Maxwell’s Distribution. The basic objective of the solutions is to strengthen your fundamentals of Physics and to let you think intelligently without making you stand on crutches. The book contains in-depth solutions with discussions of the problems from the Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics. The book contains not just solutions but solutions with discussion..

Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov Solution is helpful for students aspiring for IIT JEE Mains/Advanced and other engineering/medical exams. The solutions are prepared by Ex IIT Kanpur Graduate.

Chapter wise Solution for IE Irodov Part 2 consists of below topics:
2.1 Equation of Gas State, Processes
2.2 The First Law of Thermodynamic, Heat Capacity
2.3 Kinetic Theory of Gases, Boltzman’s Law and Maxwell’s Distribution
2.4 Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy
2.5 Liquids, Capillary Effects
2.6 Phase Transformations
2.7 Transport PhemomenaProblems in General Physics by I.E Irodov

Chapterwise important questions from Irodov relevant to IIT JEE Advanced syllabus

I’ll make a list and keep updating with as I find some questions that should not be solved as they’re out of JEE syllabus. The list is chapter and section wise.

Chapter 1:
Solve 1.1 till 1.111. Leave 1.112 till 1.117 as they are based on rotating non-inertial frame of reference and thus out of syllabus.
Solve 1.118 till 1.177. Leave 1.178 till 1.183, based on variable mass and out of syllabus, though you can do them for fun. Solve 1.184 to 1.199.
Solve 1.200 till 1.217. Leave 1.218 till 1.233, related to satellites etc. though again can do from fun.
Solve 1.234 till 1.267. Leave 1.268 till 1.269, as again rotating non-inertial frames. Solve 1.270 till 1.279. Leave out 1.280 till 1.289 as they are quite difficult but again can solve for fun.
In range 1.290 till 1.314, you can try some of them but don’t waste a lot of time.  You can clearly see some questions are out of syllabus, like 1.301, so use your decision.
Solve 1.315 till 1.335. Leave out 1.336 till 1.339 as they’re based on reynold’s number and out of syllabus.
Leave all after 1.340, they’re from special relativity and clearly out of syllabus.

Chapter 3:
Solve 3.1 till 3.53.
Solve 3.54 till 3.70. Leave 3.71 till 3.82 as they are based on dielectric materials and are clearly out of syllabus. Solve 3.84 till 3.88. Leave 3.89 till 3.100, out of syllabus.
Solve all from 3.101 till 3.146.
Solve 3.147 till 3.205. Leave 3.206 till 3.218 as they’re out of syllabus.
Solve 3.288 till 3.307.

Chapter 4
1–65, 95–100,121–125, 134,135–147 ,150,153–156,158,160,180,183,185–187
Chapter 5

Most of the ones I’ve listed are relevant to JEE syllabus though some maybe too difficult to be relevant. Make sure not to end up wasting a lot of time on any question.

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