Year 5 Maths: Practice Questions and Quiz Online

The Year 5 math curriculum is designed to build upon the mathematical knowledge and skills developed in previous years. It covers a wide range of topics and concepts, including number sense, arithmetic operations, geometry, measurement, and data handling. Here’s a detailed overview of the Year 5 math national curriculum:

  1. Number and Place Value:
  2. Addition and Subtraction:
  3. Multiplication and Division:
  4. Fractions:
  5. Decimals and Percentages:
  6. Measurement:
  7. Geometry:
  8. Statistics and Data Handling:

In addition to these topics, the Year 5 math curriculum also emphasizes problem-solving skills, mathematical reasoning, and the ability to apply mathematical knowledge to real-life situations. It encourages students to develop fluency, accuracy, and efficiency in their mathematical calculations and to use mathematical language and notation correctly.

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