Year 8 Science: Study Notes, Worksheets and Online Practice Questions


 Respiration and photosynthesis

How plants make food to support other organisms in an ecosystem (photosynthesis), relating plant structures to functions, how organisms release energy from their food (aerobic and anaerobic respiration).


Current and Electricity

resistance (Ω) = potential difference (V) ÷ current (A),Current, circuit, electromagnet, Magnetic materials, electromagnets and the Earth create
magnetic fields

Light and Sound

Wave properties, ultrasound, electromagnetic spectrum, modelling waves, types of wave.


Work and Energy

work, energy & machines, thermal energy transfer, insulation.



Periodic table and Elements

Elements, atoms, compounds, formulae, polymers, the periodic table with a focus on alkali metals, halogens and noble gases.


Chemical Reactions and Chemical energy

Mass conservation in chemical reactions, combustion, thermal decomposition, energy changes in chemical reactions.


Climate and Resources

Global warming, the carbon cycle, long-term climate change, extracting materials from the Earth, recycling.

Living things and their habitats

Animals, including humans

Evolution and inheritance



This is the final year of the Key Stage 2 science curriculum and the main areas are still:

  • Life processes and living things
  • Materials and their properties
  • Physical processes
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