SAT Practice Questions with Explanations : Reading, Writing & Language

SAT English -Reading Practice Test Questions


SAT New Exam Pattern 2023

The College Board, the conducting body for SAT 2023, has announced that the SAT subject tests have been scrapped in the United States and has been discontinued internationally. Additionally, the SAT optional essay has been scrapped.

CategoryNew SAT Exam Pattern
  • Reading Test
  • Writing and Language Test
  • Math
Key Features
  • Emphasises on knowledge, skills, and understandings.
  • Emphasises on the meaning of words in extended contexts and the impact of word choices on the meaning and the sentence
  • No penalty for wrong answers
  • Ranges between 400 and 1600
  • Scale ranges from 200 to 800 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; and 200 to 800 for Math.
Total Duration3 hours
Subscore ReportingSubscores provided for educators, counsellors, etc. 

Section-Wise Distribution of Questions in SAT 2023

The section-wise distribution of questions or exam pattern of SAT Reasoning Test 2023 has been given in the table below.

Section/ComponentsNumber of Questions/TasksTime Allotted (in minutes)
Writing and Language4435

SAT Reading Section Exam Pattern

The reading section of the SAT contains passage, based on which, the questions are formed. Multiple Choice Questions will be the question format followed for this section.  After reading the passage, candidates need to choose the most suitable option based on what is implied in the passage. Few questions are also based on the tables and graphs that can be included in the passage. 

The passage is usually a published work and/or related to history, literature, science or social studies.


4- 5

Number of Questions



65 minutes

Types of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Passage Reference

Published Works, Articles, Literature, History, Social Studies, Science

SAT Writing Section Exam Pattern

The SAT Writing Section includes passage-based questions. After reading the passage, candidates will have to answer multiple-choice questions which includes editing the text or phrases, correcting the errors, sentence restructuring, usage of punctuations etc.

For some questions, candidates will have to improvise the passage to analyse how good the candidate is in expressing an idea. The questions may also be asked in the form of tables or graphs.



Number of Questions



35 minutes

Types of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions


  • Edit text/ passage

  • Sentence correction

  • Find the Error

  • Sentence Structure

  • Correct use of Punctuation

SAT Math Section Exam Pattern

The Math section of the SAT is used to analyse the mathematical aptitude of the candidates. With the new changes to the SAT exam pattern, candidates will now be able to use calculators for the entire Math section of an SAT.

Number of Questions



80 minutes

Types of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions


  • Heart of Algebra

  •  Problem Solving

  •  Data Analysis

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Complex Numbers

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