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The curriculum for maths in Year 3

Year 3 Math National Curriculum, which covers the mathematics topics typically taught to students in the third year of primary school (ages 7-8). Here is an overview of the key mathematical concepts and skills covered:

Unit. 1 : Number and Place Value

Unit. 2 : Addition and Subtraction

Unit. 3 : Multiplication and Division

Unit. 4 : Fractions

Unit. 5 : Measurement

Unit. 6 : Geometry

Unit. 7 : Statistics

In addition to these specific topics, Year 3 Math curriculum also emphasizes problem-solving, reasoning, and developing fluency in mathematical skills. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to real-life situations, communicate mathematically, and develop a solid foundation for future mathematical learning.


  • Equal parts of a whole
  • Reading and writing fractions
  • Identifying common fractions
  • Parts of a set
  • Comparing fractions using pictures
  • Fraction word problems

Counting money

  • Counting Money
  • What Can You Buy?
  • Counting and Matching Equivalent Amounts
  • Least number of coins


Data & Graphing

  • Creating and reading graphs
  • Sort and Count
  • Completing and Interpreting Picture Graphs
  • Making a Bar Graph
  • Venn Diagram Activities
  • Data Collection

Year 3 Maths Worksheet – All Syllabus 

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