Year 3 Maths Online practice

Year 3 and KS-2 Detailed Topic-Wise Practice

Excellent Worksheet for Year 3 Maths Prepared by Subject Matter Experts.

Big Ideas

  • Essential Questions
  • Cross-cutting concepts
  • Recurring ideas that apply to many different standards

Content Objectives

  • Student friendly language of the  Guide that is unpacked to highlight details
  • Actionable language (“I can” statements)
  • Mapped to daily notes so that students can assess their understanding after each lesson and know where to find the information if there is something they need to review.

Shelving Guide

    • Structured Notes – Notes prepared by Experts for your better understanding and reference.
    • Worked Out Examples – Help you to understand concept better and practice for your exam.
    • Online Help– Contact our experts for your doubt clarifying sessions

Unit 2. Understand multiplication

  • Count equal groups
  • Identify multiplication expressions for equal groups

Unit 3. Multiplication skill builders

  • Multiply by 0 or 1
  • Multiply by 2 or 3

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