IBDP Chemistry : IB Style Question Bank with Solution – HL Paper 2

Higher Level  (HL) Paper 2


  • Time: 135 minutes (95 marks)
  • Short – answer and extended – response questions (core & AHL)
  • Data booklet provided

AHL Topic 12. Atomic structure

AHL Topic 13. The periodic table—the transition metals

AHL Topic 15. Energetics/thermochemistry

AHL Topic 17. Equilibrium

AHL Topic 21. Measurement and analysis

Options. A: Materials

  • A.1 Materials science introduction
  • A.2 Metals and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy
  • A.3 Catalysts
  • A.4 Liquid crystals
  • A.5 Polymers
  • A.6 Nanotechnology
  • A.7 Environmental impact—plastics
  • A.8 Superconducting metals and X-ray crystallography (HL only)
  • A.9 Condensation polymers (HL only)
  • A.10 Environmental impact—heavy metals (HL only)

Options. B: Biochemistry

  • B.1 Introduction to biochemistry
  • B.2 Proteins and enzymes
  • B.3 Lipids
  • B.4 Carbohydrates
  • B.5 Vitamins
  • B.6 Biochemistry and the environment
  • B.7 Proteins and enzymes (HL only)
  • B.8 Nucleic acids (HL only)
  • B.9 Biological pigments (HL only)
  • B.10 Stereochemistry in biomolecules (HL only)

Options. C: Energy

  • C.1 Energy sources
  • C.2 Fossil fuels
  • C.3 Nuclear fusion and fission
  • C.4 Solar energy
  • C.5 Environmental impact—global warming
  • C.6 Electrochemistry, rechargeable batteries and fuel cells (HL only)
  • C.7 Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission (HL only)
  • C.8 Photovoltaic and dye-sensitized solar cells (HL only)

Options. D: Medicinal chemistry

  • D.1 Pharmaceutical products and drug action
  • D.2 Aspirin and penicillin
  • D.3 Opiates
  • D.4 pH regulation of the stomach
  • D.5 Anti-viral medications
  • D.6 Environmental impact of some medications
  • D.7 Taxol—a chiral auxiliary case study (HL only)
  • D.8 Nuclear medicine (HL only)
  • D.9 Drug detection and analysis (HL only)
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