IBDP Physics C.4 Standing waves IB Style Question Bank : HL Paper 2


 One end of a string is attached to an oscillator and the other is fixed to a wall. When the frequency of the oscillator is 360 Hz the standing wave shown is formed on the string.

Point X (not shown) is a point on the string at a distance of 10 cm from the oscillator.

(i) State the number of all other points on the string that have the same amplitude and phase as X. [1]

(ii )The frequency of the oscillator is reduced to 120 Hz. On the diagram, draw the standing wave that will be formed on the string. [1]



i 3 «points»

ii first harmonic mode drawn


The sound wave in air in (c) enters a pipe that is open at both ends. The diagram shows the displacement, at a particular time T, of the standing wave that is set up in the pipe.

 A  particular air molecule has its equilibrium position at the point labelled M. On the diagram, at time T,

          1. draw an arrow to indicate the acceleration of this molecule. [1]

          2. label with the letter C a point in the pipe that is at the centre of a compression. [1]



i horizontal arrow «at M» pointing left 


any point labelled C on the vertical line shown below

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