CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Sentence Reordering

Sentence Reordering Exercises for Class 10 CBSE With Answers

Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences. Do any four.

Question 1.
(i) work and play / things / different / parents see / as two
(ii) is a / of time / they / waste / think / that playing
(ii) important/games / studies / are as / as
(iv) a student / to both / proper / should / attention / pay
(v) can./ life / only / succeed / he / in / then
(i) Parents see work and play as two different things.
(ii) They think that playing is a waste of time.
(iii) Games are as important as studies.
(iv) A student should pay proper attention to both.
(v) Only then can he succeed in life.

Rearrange the words/phrases given below to form meaningful sentences.

Question 2.
(a) beautiful / Masha / dog / is a /young.
(b) praised / she / be / to / likes.
(c) policemen / group / works / of /with a / she
(a) Masha is a beautiful young dog.
(b) She likes to be praised.
(C) She works with a group of policemen.

Arrange the following into meaningful sentences.

Question 3.
(a) never/himself/large/solutions/economic/with/Gandhiji/political/or/contented
(b) backwardness/wanted/immediately/cultural/Gandhiji/and/social/seeing/the/do/something/to
(c) doctor/for/got/to/his/months/services/Gandhiji/a/volunteer/six
(a) Gandhiji never contented himself with large political or econom
(b) Gandhiji immediately wanted to do something seeing the social and cultural backwardness.
(c) Gandhiji got a doctor to volunteer his services for six months.

Question 4.
(a) you /want/get/this/done/work/9 a.m./if/2 p.m./had/come/better/between/you/and
(b) even/if/better/decide/come/you/along/is/it/to
(c) look/as if/not sleep/you/all night/did/you
(a) If you want this work done you should better come between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(b) It is even better if you decide to come along.
(c) You look as if you did not sleep all night.

Question 5.
(a) do not/please/the roads/litter
(b) the sun/not play/outside/is shining/too/brightly/so better
(c) no/difference/makes/it/you/if/someone else/asked/to do it
(a) Please do not litter the roads.
(b) The sun is shining too brightly so better not play outside.
(c) It makes no difference if someone else asked you to do it.

Question 6.
(a) no laughing matter/it is/you/pushed/younger brother/your/into/a/of water/puddle/that
(b) what may/you/come/finish/homework/your/the party/before/will
(c) know/better/than/you/disrespect/to/elders/your
(a) It is no laughing matter that you pushed your younger brother into a puddle of water.
(b) Come what may, you will finish your homework before the party.
(c) You know better than to disrespect your elders.

Question 7.
(a) rains/before/it/must/up/pick/the clothes/from the/clothesline/you
(b) you/must/always/be/so/formal?
(c) natural/to/scared/be/of/thunderstorm/it/is
(a) You must pick up the clothes from the clothesline before it rains.
(b) Must you always be so formal?
(c) It is natural to be scared of thunderstorm.

Question 8.
Arrange the following into meaningful dialogues.
(a) Aman : by/time/what/is/your watch/the
Ayaan: is/ten minutes/three /to/it
Aman: must hurry/or else/I/miss my train/I’ll
Aman: What is the time by your watch?
Ayaan: It is ten minutes to three.
Aman: I must hurry or else I’ll miss my train.

(b) Neha : dinner/what/is/for/today?
Sneha : made/sandwiches/cucumber/I/have
Neha : hungry/eat/now/I am/can/1?
Neha: What is for dinner today?
Sneha: I have made cucumber sandwiches.
Neha: I am hungry, can I eat now?

(c) Mother: seen the/coat/condition/of/have/you/your?
Son: tripped/stone/on a/fell/I/on/water/muddy/and/a/puddle/of
Mother: wash/will/to/laundry/we/give it/to/to/have
Mother: Have you seen the condition of your coat?
Son: I tripped on a stone and fell on a puddle of muddy water.
Mother: We will have to give it to laundry to wash.

Rearrange the following words into meaningful sentences.

Question 9.
(a) hers/princess/the/took/father’s/her/in/hand/youngest
(b) Cried/amazement/looked/her/king/the/and/at/in
(c) begged/head/and/shook/princess/her/the/again
(a) The youngest princess took her father’s hand in hers.
(b) The king looked at her in amazement and cried.
(c) The princess shook her head and begged again.

Question 10.
(a) Panipat/a/pause/brief/had/at/train/the
(b) faces/train/muffled/boarded/men/the/five/with
(c) dresses/thought/Nobody/a/gave/their/to/strange
(a) The train had a brief pause at Panipat.
(b) Five men with muffled faces boarded the train.
(c) Nobody gave a thought to their strange dresses.

Question 11.
(a) nation/are/precious/property/of/children/every/most/the
(b) appreciation/day/deserves/theme/children’s
(C) our/they/makers/policy/future/are
(a) Children are the most precious property of every nation.
(b) Children’s Day theme deserves appreciation.
(c) They are our future policy makers.

Question 12.
(a) trying/by/ever/fail/few
(b) shirk from/trying/do not
(c) yourself/avoid/and/all/negative thoughts/believe/in
(a) Few ever fail by trying.
(b) Do not shirk from trying.
(c) Believe in yourself and avoid all negative thoughts.

Question 13.
(a) pleased/God/brings/prosperity/rain/when
(b) over pleased/he/when/havoc/but/causes
(c) blessings/one/rain/nature/of/wonders/is/the/and/of
(a) Rain God brings prosperity when pleased.
(b) But he causes havoc when overpleased.
(c) Rain is one of the wonders and blessings of nature

Question 14.
(a) and/lovely/I/a/of/house/have/infront/garden/my/small
(b) marigold/roses/of/many/has/like/flowers/jasmines/varieties/it/and
(c) the/plant/the/of/Tulsi/garden/middle/in/is/there/the
(a) I have a small and lovely garden in front of my house.
(b) It has many varieties of flowers like roses, jasmine and marigold.
(c) There is the Tulsi plant in the middle of the garden.

Question 15.
(a) for/my/me/my/birthday/puppy/parents/cute/gifted/little/a
(b) the/he/I/him/time/Tommy/tail/all/because/his/wags/call
(c) and/I/him/the/I/him/from/when/return/take/garden/play/to/with.
(a) My parents gifted me a cute little puppy for my birthday.
(b) I call him Tommy because he wags his tail all the time.
(c) And when I return from the garden, I take him to play with him.

Question 16.
(a) the/and/cup/seeds/my/them/garden/collect/I/from/plant/in
(b) birthdays/them/their/gift/friends/to/I/my/on
(c) my/plants/sad/I/if/harms/feel/someone/or/breaks
(a) I collect seeds from the cup and plant them in my garden.
(b) I gift them to my friends on their birthdays.
(c) I feel sad if someone breaks or harms my plants.’

Question 17.
(a) told/to/my/had/mother/bicycle/me/out/my/not/go/on
(b) her/when/the/disturbed/sleeping/I/was/afternoon/she/in
(c) the/suddenly/I/ground/fell/and/on/slipped
(a) My mother had told me not to go out on my bicycle.
(b) I disturbed her in the afternoon when she was sleeping.
(c) Suddenly I slipped and fell on the ground.

Question 18.
(a) alike/a/that/cricket/old/attracts/is/game/young/and
(b) the/of/since/ball/have/my/days/had/great/for/fascination/I/childhood
(c) cricket/I/the/of/friends/play/in/company/always/my
(a) Cricket is a game that attracts young and old alike.
(b) I have had great fascination for ball since the days of my childhood.
(c) I always play cricket in the company of my friends.

Question 19.
(a) brand/I/be/owner/was/to/cycle/proud/the/of/new
(b) it/to/how/but/didn’t/I/ride/know
(c) it/how/brother/to/would/my/me/told/that/teach/he/me/ride
(a) I was proud to be the owner of brand new cycle.
(b) I didn’t know how to ride it.
(c) My brother told me that he would teach me how to ride it.

Question 20.
(a) world/my/I/the/journey/started/save/ago/to/years/five
(b) I/be/always/to/environmentalist/wanted/an
(c) Steve Irwin/by/I/inspired/was
(a) I started my journey to save the world five years ago.
(b) I always wanted to be an environmentalist.
(c) I was inspired by Steve Irwin.

Question 21.
(a) playgrounds/physical/in/campus/education/is/and/imparted
(b) games/student/is/by/it/method/which/through/a/activities/a/goes/and/physical
(c) direction/in/about/the/behaviour/it/a/brings/change/in/desired/the
(a) Physical education is imparted in playgrounds and campus.
(b) It is a method by which a student goes through games and physical activities.
(c) It brings about a change in the behaviour in the desired direction.

Question 22.
(a) Ram/invite/to/did/his/not/friends/his/party/birthday
(b) did/when/club/you/join/this?
(c) the/inaugurated/principal/the/exhibition/science/last/week
(a) Ram did not invite his friends to his birthday party.
(b) When did you join this club?
(c) The Principal inaugurated the science exhibition last week.

Question 23.
(a) asked/Ram/join/me/would/when/I/their/party
(b) you/want/if/to/marks/should/get/you/good/read/Together with English
(c) nobody/lives/knows/now/where/he
(a) Ram asked me when I would join their party
(b) If you want to get good marks you should read ‘Together with English’.
(c) Nobody knows where he lives.

Question 24.
(a) as/work/a/to/student/hard/you/to/must/be/successful
(b) who/my/can/in/beat/work/me?
(c) always/helps/others/she/in need
(a) As a student, you must work hard to be successful.
(b) Who can beat me in my work?
(c) She always helps others in need.

Question 25.
(a) Ram/he/aware/asked/was/of/Mohan/his/if/result
(b) she/in/is/a/going/quiz/to/competition/participate
(c) any/to/am/I/ready/face/challenge
(a) Ram asked Mohan if he was aware of his result.
(b) She is going to participate in a quiz competition.
(c) I am ready to face any challenge.

Rearrange the jumbled words/phrases into meaningful sentences. one has been done for you as an example.

Example: Wheel is/man’s/the/invention/greatest/perhaps
The wheel is perhaps man’s greatest invention.

(a) very difficult/it was/to travel/earlier/long distances

(b) backs/their belongings/travellers/on their/carried

(c) few places/take rest/on the/there were/to/way


(a) Earlier, it was very difficult to travel long distances.

(b) Travellers carried their belongings on their backs.

(c) There were few places to take rest on the way.


Rearrange the jumbled words/phrases into meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Example : has/faces/many/teacher/a

A teacher has many faces.

(a) friend/he/a/is/well wisher/and/a

(b) teacher/many/qualities/books/captured/the/of/have/a

(c) motivator/can/he/a/and/guide/friend/be


(a) He is a friend and a well wisher.

(b) The books have captured many qualities of a teacher.

(c) He can be a friend, guide and motivator.

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