Class 11 English Core Writing and Grammar – Letter to School/College Authorities

CBSE Class 11 English Letter Writing – Letter to School/College Authorities

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Students may be asked to write letters to Principal or other educational authorities on the following:
(a) Admissions
(b) School Issues
(c) Requirements/Suitability of Courses


Question 1:


Your cousin Aparna Ghose is just completing 12th standard and is keen to join a short term medical transcription course in computer programming. She comes across an advertisement of ET & T Computer Education, Mansarover Garden, New Delhi. Write a letter on behalf of Aparna to the firm imparting training in computers and enquire about the details such as duration of the course, fees and other facilities, etc.
C-176, Lajpat Nagar
New Delhi-110024
25 March 20XX
The Administrative Officer
ET&T Computer Education
Mansarovar Garden
New Delhi
Sub: Information Regarding Computer Programming Course
Apropos your advertisement in the Statesman, dated 23 March 20XX regarding a crash course in computer programming, I solicit some information. I have just completed my 12th standard from CBSE, New Delhi and I am interested in doing a short-term computer programming course in the evening session. Kindly supply me the following details:
(a) Duration of short-term courses.
(b) Other courses available.
(c) Fees to be paid—whether payment in instalments is permitted.
(d) Size of the class/group.
(e) Availability of computer time.
(f) Timings of classes and frequency.
I am sending a self-addressed envelope. Please despatch the requisite information at the earliest.
Yours faithfully
Aparna Ghose

Question 2:


You are Krishna Kant, Administrative Officer of ET & T Computer Education, Mansarovar Garden, New Delhi. Ms Aparna Ghose of Lajpat Nagar has made certain enquiries about the Computer Programming Course. Write a letter to her supplying information regarding the course. Give specific reply to the points raised and supply other details as well.
ET & T Computer Education
Mansarovar Garden
New Delhi
2 April 20XX
Ms Aparna Ghose
C-176, Lajpat Nagar
New Delhi-110024
Sub: Computer Programming Course
Dear Ms Ghose
I thank you for your letter dated 25 March 20XX and the interest you have shown in the crash course of computer programming. The point-wise reply to your queries is as under: ,
(a) The short-term course is of six weeks duration.
(b) Many other courses like web-designing, data processing, etc. are available.
(c) ₹ 1500: in two instalments.
(d) 10 per group.
(e) 30 min. in a class of 3 hours.
(f) Morning: 9 to 12, Evening: 3 to 6 on alternate days excluding Sunday. Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours faithfully
Krishna Kant
(Administrative Officer)

Question 3:


You are Meenakshi Kaushal of E/21, Model Town, Delhi-110009. You are interested in learning German. You come across an advertisement in the National Herald:

Learn German
Short Period

Director, National Institute of Foreign Languages, 356, Greater Kailash-II,
New Delhi-110025.
Write a letter to the Institute asking for information regarding the following points:
(a) How long will the course last?
(b) How much will it cost?
(c) Whether it is a correspondence course or full time classroom teaching?
(d) What will he the timings of the course and frequency of classes in case it is a regular course?
E/21, Model Town
5 May 20XX
The Director
National Institute of Foreign Languages
356, Greater Kailash-II
New Delhi-110025
Sub: Lessons in German
This has a reference to your advertisement in The National Herald dated 3 May 20XX. I am keenly interested in having lessons in German as I want to pursue advance course in medicine there.
I shall feel highly obliged if you kindly furnish me with the following information at your earliest convenience:
(a) How long will the course last?
(b) How much will it cost?
(c) Whether it is a correspondence course or full time class room teaching?
(d) What will be the timings of the course and frequency of classes in case it is a regular course?
Find enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope.
An early reply is solicited.
Yours faithfully
Meenakshi Kaushal

Question 4:


You are Arun/Anita Basu living at 1765, Sector 20, Chandigarh. You come across the following advertisement:
Postal Classes—Diploma in Waste Water Management—duration one year—practicals arranged—minimum qualification SSCE, first division—prospectus free—Contact- Director, Eco-centre, P.B. 1037, Bengaluru-560019
Write a letter to the Director asking for detailed information on the course, fee structure, assignments, personal contact programmes and job opportunities. Request for a prospectus and enclose a self-addressed envelope.
1765, Sector 20
5 May 20XX
The Director
P.B. 1037
Sub: Waste Water Management Courses
This is with reference to your advertisement in The Hindu dated 02 May, 2003 regarding waste water management courses. I am interested in the one-year course. However, I need some information and clarifications in this regard.
Please inform me about the total fees and fee structure, supply of lessons, period for submission of assignments and possible dates/period of personal contact programme. I would also like to be enlightened about placement and job opportunities. I am enclosing a self-addressed envelope for the brochure/prospectus.
Hope for an early response.
Yours faithfully
Anita Basu

Question 5:


Sahayoga on 27, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi is a non-government organisation catering to the physical, social, cultural and psychological needs of school students. You feel worried by the examination and suffer from stress. Write a letter to the Director enquiring about the short term course/classes scheduled during the summer vacation. Sign as Sumit/Smita of 27-C, Raja Garden, Delhi.
27-C, Raja Garden
20 March 20XX
The Director
27, Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi
Sub: Enquiry regarding Short-term Course
I would like to join the special courses run by your organisation for the welfare of students who are victims of examination stress. Kindly supply me the full details of the short term courses/classes scheduled during the summer vacation. I am keen to join a shorter group so that I can put forward my problem freely.
In case there is some printed leaflet/brochure, please also supply it. Perhaps it will help some of my friends as well.
Yours faithfully

Question 6:


You are Akhil/Asmita of 119, Mall Road, Shimla. You are interested in doing a short term course in Computer Programming during your summer vacation. Write a letter to the Director, Computer World, Sector-22, Chandigarh, enquiring about the duration of such a course and the terms and conditions for admission.
119, Mall Road
10 May 20XX
The Director
Computer World
Sub: Short term. Course in Computer Programming
Kindly refer to your advertisement in The Tribune dated 8 May 20XX regarding the above mentioned course. I have just passed the A.I. CBSE examination of XII Class with science stream. I am interested in doing a short term course in computer programming during my summer vacation. However, before joining the course, I would like to know the following details:
(a) Duration of the course and fees
(b) Mode of payment: lumpsum/instalments
(c) Whether a diploma/certificate is issued
(d) Recognition and its validity
(e) Timings of classes and other relevant information
(f) Individual time on computer
In case you have some printed material for information kindly send it to me. A self addressed and duly stamped envelope is enclosed for the purpose.
An early response will enable me to join your course immediately.
Yours faithfully

Question 7:


You are K. Srinivas of C-7, North Avenue, Rajaji Square, Chennai. You have passed the All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination securing 85 per cent marks in PCB. Write a letter to the Registrar of some Medical College of Tamil Nadu asking for the terms and conditions for admission in MBBS against a paid seat.
C-7, North Avenue
Rajaji Square
15 June 20XX
The Registrar
Apeejay Medical College
Sub: Admission to MBBS Course against a paid seat
Dear Sir,
I have come to know that your college offers admission in MBBS course against its paid seats. I have passed the All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination from CBSE New Delhi this year. I have secured 85% marks in PCB group. I am keen to get admission in MBBS Course.
Kindly let me know the terms and conditions for getting admission in MBBS course against a paid seat.
An early reply is solicited.
Yours faithfully
K. Srinivas

Question 8:


A new sports complex ‘Sturdy & Slim’ has started functioning at 38, Mayur Vihar. Write a letter to the Director asking for the rules and procedures of membership and the facilities available to members. Also enquire about the fee/annual charges as well as concessions offered to students. Sign as Chetan/Charu Mehta of 278-D, Vayu Vihar, Delhi.
278-D, Vayu Vihar
15 May 20XX
The Director
Sturdy & Slim
38, Mayur Vihar
New Delhi
Sub: Enquiry regarding Membership and Facilities
This is with reference to your advertisement in The Hindustan Times dated 12 May 20XX regarding the opening of new sports complex in Mayur Vihar.
I am quite keen to enrol as a member and benefit from the facilities provided by you. However, before enrolment, I would like to be clear about certain facts. Kindly inform me about the following:
(a) the rules and procedures of membership
(b) membership fees and annual subscription
(c) facilities available to members
(d) concessions offered to students
In case there is some printed material covering the above points, please forward the same to my address.
With best wishes
Yours faithfully
Chetan Mehta


Question 9:


There is a lack of clean toilets in your brother’s school. Write a letter to the Principal, Evergreen Senior Secondary School, Daryaganj, New Delhi, complaining about this most essential problem. You are Karan/Divya living at F-311, Ekta Colony, Delhi.
F-311, Ekta Colony
15 October 20XX
The Principal
Evergreen Senior Secondary School
New Delhi
Sub: Lack of Clean Toilets,
I want to draw your kind attention to one shortcoming in your otherwise good institution. I happened to go to one of the toilets for students after a school function. I attended this function as the guardian of my younger brother. I was shocked to see the condition of the toilets. There was a foul stench all around. Yellow patches caused by urine were visible everywhere. There was no proper flushing and cleaning of the pots of the toilets. Some of them seemed to be blocked and caused overflow of filthy water. The walls bore ugly graffiti.
Since toilet is 6m essential facility, proper cleanliness and maintenance is a must. I do hope you will pay attention to this most essential problem.
Thank you
Yours faithfully

Question 10:


One of the water taps near your classroom drips continuously. As a result, a lot of water is wasted. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting her/ him to take immediate action in getting the drip repaired. You are Sandhya/ Shubhojeet Awasthi of St. John’s School, Chakeri, Kanpur.
The Principal
St. John’s School
Chakeri, Kanpur
I want to bring to your kind attention that one of the water taps near our classroom drips continuously. As a result, a lot of water is wasted. All of us know that water is a precious resource. We must conserve water.
I, therefore, request you to take immediate action in getting the tap repaired.
I hope you will order prompt action.
Thank you
Yours obediently/faithfully
Sandhya/Shubhojeet Awasthi

Question 11:


There is no proper arrangement of clean drinking water in the school of your younger sister. Write a letter to the Principal of Summer Spring Girls School, Vinod Garden, Delhi, complaining about this most urgent problem. You are Sarthak/Aaradhna living at A-14, Sun City, Delhi.
A-14, Sun City
15 March 200X
The Principal
Summer Spring Girls School
Vinod Garden
Sub: Lack of Proper Arrangement of Clean Drinking Water
During a recent meeting of PTA, I happened to visit your school .as the guardian of my younger sister. I was deeply impressed by the standard of cleanliness and discipline in your school. One thing, however, irked me most. It is the lack of proper arrangement of clean drinking water in the school. Although summer has not yet begun, I found long queues of thirsty students in hunt of the water coolers on the ground floor. I saw some students quenching their thirst from water taps on the first and second floors.
Supply of clean, germ-free water is an essential part of the facilities the school should offer. I suggest that immediate steps should be taken to instal boosters to provide a running supply of water to the water coolers on the first and second floors.
I hope you will take urgent steps in this regard.
Yours faithfully

Question 12:


You are Ankit Patel of Chitra Senior Secondary School, Pandav Puram, Delhi. You are captain of the hockey team of your school. You have no playground in your school. Write a letter to the Principal, requesting him to arrange playground facility from a neighbouring school for practice of your team.
The Principal
Chitra Senior Secondary School
Pandav Puram
10 September 20XX
Sub: Arrange playground facility
Respected Sir,
With due regards I would like to bring to your kind notice towards our difficulties and feelings. We all know that we have no playground in our school, but we have a bunch of students who are very good hockey players. Due to non-availability of playground all the players cannot practise as a team. The interzonal school tournaments are to commence within a fortnight. As the captain of our school hockey team, I feel morally bound that our players have proper co-ordination and play as a team and not as a bunch of players grouped together.
For this purpose, we need playground facilities. I, therefore, earnestly request you to arrange playground facilities from a neighbouring school in the morning/evening for an hour or two so that we may practise together under the guidance of our coach.
I hope to have a favourable consideration.
Yours obediently
Ankit Patel

Question 13:


You are Sharad Aggarwal, studying in Anupam Shiksha Kendra, Baraut. There is an irregular supply of electricity in your town almost everyday. Write a letter to the Principal requesting him to arrange for a generator in the school.
The Principal
Anupam Shiksha Kendra
10 May 200X
Sub: Arrange Generator in the School Respected
With due respect, I would like to submit the following facts for your kind consideration. As you know, the summer is in full swing. The temperature has already crossed 40°C. The afternoons are very hot. As the classes of the boys are held in the second shift, we have to bear the brunt of the heat. To add to our plight, the electricity department resorts to frequent and unannounced power-cuts. This irregular supply of electricity hinders our studies as it affects our concentration and efficiency. You know that our NDA exams are to be held in June. We are preparing hard for the forthcoming examinations.
In the welfare of all the students, I request you to arrange for a generator of high power in the school so as to avoid the inconvenience caused to the learners by irregular supply of electricity. I am optimistic that you would take necessary steps to provide generator facility to all of us at your earliest convenience.
Thank you
Yours faithfully
Sharad Aggarwal

Question 14:


You are Sunil/Sonam Saxena, parent of a student of class XI. Write a letter to the Principal, Brilliant Public School, Brahmapuri, New Delhi-58, drawing his attention to the disorderliness, non-availability of books and lack of cooperation from the library staff and suggesting some improvements in the functioning of the school library.
37, Pitampura
New Delhi
25 March 20XX
The Principal
Brilliant Public School
New Delhi-58
Sub: Improvements in School Library
During my visit to your school in connection with P.T.A. meeting, I happened to go to the library. I would like to draw your attention to the malfunctioning of the library. I sincerely feel that it can prove more useful to the students if a few steps are taken to tone it up.
I was shocked at the disorderliness in the library. Books were lying in heaps and were not restored to the proper shelves. No wonder the book which the library has is reported to be non-available by the library staff. The lack of cooperation from the library staff makes the situation worse. You may take steps to make them alert and willing workers. The shortage/non-availability of books, if any, may be made up by buying more copies of the volumes more in demand. The old and broken tables and chairs may be got repaired if not replaced.
I hope that during our next meeting we shall find the library cosy, spick and span.
Yours faithfully
Sonam Saxena

Question 15:


Your brother/sister, Puneet/Nita, is studying in class X in Manisha Academy, Surat. You have come to know that in the school library, the copies of the book containing the Question Bank in English are insufficient. Your brother/sister has not been able to get the book. Write a letter to the Principal of the school requesting him/her to get more books for the library to meet the demands of the students. You are Vinod/Sarita, living at F-131, Gandhi Colony, Surat.
F-131, Gandhi Colony
15 January 20XX
The Principal
Manisha Academy
Sub: Request for More Books for the Library
Being the guardian of a student of your school, I would like to register my complaint against insufficient number 6f reference books in the school library. During one of my visits 1 came to know that CBSE has changed the style of questions in English. It has supplied a book of questions to every school. I have not been able to procure one from the market. My sister Nita could not get one from the library. On enquiring from the librarian, she came to know that the copies of the book containing the Question Bank in English are insufficient. It is certainly a hurdle as lack of proper books hinders learning activity.
You know the importance of books in this competitive age. This particular book has become indispensable for the students as it informs them about the style and types of questions and thus guides them in preparation and helps them in self evaluation.
I, therefore, request you to take necessary steps in order to increase the number of textbooks as well as reference books in such a manner that they would meet the demands of the students.
I do hope you’ll consider my request.
Yours faithfully

Question 16:


You are Atul Wason, a resident of L-23, Virat Nagar, New Delhi-53. Write a letter to the Librarian, Delhi Public Library, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, requesting him to issue a Duplicate Identity Card.
L-23, Virât Nagar
New Delhi-53
21 July 2003
The Librarian
Delhi Public Library
West Patel Nagar
New Delhi
Sub: Issue of Duplicate Identity Card
Dear Sir,
I want to inform you that the day before yesterday my pocket was picket in the DTC bus. Besides money, my library identity card was stolen. I came to know of the loss only when I reached the market place and wanted to make certain purchases. I immediately rushed to the police station at Tilak Nagar and lodged a complaint.
Since there is little hope of my getting back the purse, please cancel my old Library Card No. 5/4517 and issue me a new one in its place. I am prepared to pay the fee for the duplicate identity card, if there is any.
Please find enclosed a copy of my complaint lodged with the police station.
Hope for an early response.
Yours faithfully
Atul Wason

Question 17:


You are Arun Pradhan, president of Students’ Association of Albert Mission School, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi. Write‘a letter to the Principal of your school suggesting some improvements in the school canteen.
Examination Hall
ABC Centre
19 Sept. 20XX
The Principal
Albert Mission School
Rouse Avenue
New Delhi
Sub: Improvement in School Canteen Respected
I would like to draw your kind attention towards the need of bringing improvement in our school canteen. Our school canteen is just an apology for a canteen. It is housed in an old dingy, ill ventilated room. Though the school has more than 2500 students, but the canteen has only 25 chairs and most of them are broken. There is a huge rush during the recess. Students who go there in their vacant periods find it in bad shape. The contractor pays no attention to the quality of the eatables served here, though the prices are exorbitant. No effort is made to keep the place neat and clean.
I request you to kindly pay a surprise visit to the canteen and make an on the spot appraisal. In case you are convinced of the genuineness of our observation, please ask the canteen committee to take immediate steps to improve the situation.
Yours faithfully
Arun Pradhan
Students’ Association

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Question 18:


You are Amit Mehra, an old student of Central School, Roop Nagar, Delhi-7. Write a letter to the Principal of your school making concrete suggestions for the beautification of school premises.
58, Alipur Road
New Delhi -110008
27 October 20XX
The Principal
Central School
Roop Nagar
Sub: Beautification of School Premises
It is a matter of pride for all of us that our school ranks very high in Delhi both in academie and co-curricular fields. Every year the school students figure among the top ten in various board results and win distinction for school in sports, science exhibitions and republic day participations. It is all due to your patronage, guidance and the hard labour and keen interest evinced by the staff and students.
However, I would like to mention one thing that leaves a bad impression on the mind of the visitors. The school premises needs a face-lift. I am offering some concrete suggestions in this regard.
The school lawn is in wilderness. The flower beds are neglected and the grass is unmown. Either the school gardener is unmindful of his duty or he has been assigned some other job. The school library must be spruced up as its ugly looks are an eyesore. Its bare inner walls can be made more beautiful by displaying pictures of renowned scholars and writers. Some quotable quotes here and there can add to the beauty.
I earnestly hope you will give due consideration to my suggestions.
Yours obediently
Amit Mehra

Question 19:


You are Asim Gupta, a student of IX-A (Roll No. 5) of S.D. Senior Secondary School, Ambala City. Your father has been transferred to Namaul. The whole family is shifting there. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him to issue the School Leaving Certificate.
The Principal
S.D. Senior Secondary School
Ambala City
12 May 20XX
Sub: Issue School Leaving Certificate
My father has been transferred to Narnaul. He is to join there next week. We are shifting there on Monday, the 16th instant. I, therefore, request you to issue my School Leaving Certificate.
I have returned all the library books and paid all the dues.
Thanking you
Yours obediently
Asim Gupta
(Roll No. 5, IX-A)

Question 20:


You are Pankaj Verma, an old student of XII-A (Roll No. 4) of Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Ramgarh. You have passed your 10 + 2 examination from the school this year and want to join a college. Write an application to the Principal of your school asking him for a testimonial. Give details about your activities.
The Principal
Government Sr. Sec. School
25 June 20XX
Sub: Issue a Testimonial
Respectfully, I beg to state that I passed the 10 + 2 examination from your school this year under Roll No. 1156278 in the first division securing 75% marks. I joined the school in 2007 and am leaving it in June 2010.
I wish to join Government College, Ramgarh, and for this purpose, I need a testimonial. I shall be highly grateful to you if you kindly issue me a testimonial regarding my ability, conduct and career.
I further submit, Sir, that I took a keen interest in co-curricular activities during my stay at the school. I was a member of the school hockey team which won the district championship last year. I was also declared the best speaker in the Interschool Debate Contest. I also worked as Secretary of the School Debate Club last year. I have always been respectful and well-behaved. There has not been a single report against me. My teachers will testify to my work, worth and character.
Yours obediently
Pankaj Verma
(Roll No. 4, XII-A)


Question 21:


You are Lokesh living at MB-195, Near Jain Mandir, Kailash Nagar, Delhi. Write a letter to the Principal of the school you passed SSCE from requesting him to introduce Biology as one of the subjects in your school.
Near Jain Mandir
Kailash Nagar
18 March 20XX
The Principal
XYZ School
Sub: Introduction of Biology
As a former student of the school, I request you to introduce Biology as one of the subjects in our school in senior secondary classes. Our school has excellent facilities for physics and chemistry, but there is no provision for the learning of Biology.
Biology is a very important subject for the students who have to seek admission in MBBS course. Since we do not have this particular subject in the senior secondary classes, our students will always have a major drawback if they want to compete for the Entrance Test leading to admission in MBBS course. Private coaching is no substitute for regular
classes. In the present competition oriented times, where professionalism is the order of the day, it becomes imperative to have thorough knowledge in the field where one’s interest lies.
If the subject of Biology is introduced in our school, it will prevent unnecessary inconvenience to students who have to migrate to other schools after passing the tenth standard for want of their desired subject.
I am optimistic to hear a positive response in this matter from you at the earliest.
Yours sincerely

Question 22:


You are Rajat Mittal of Sarvodaya Academy Senior Secondary School, Vikas Nagar, Delhi. You do not have the facility of learning computers in your school. Stressing the need of computer learning in the modem age, write a letter to the Principal of your school requesting him to provide this facility to the students of the school.
The Principal
Sarvodaya Academy Sr. Sec. School
Vikas Nagar,
Delhi 20 July 20XX
Sub: Facility of Learning Computers
As the head boy of school, I would like to put before you a genuine need of the students. Our school is one of the leading schools in the state and famous for its academic excellence. We students, however, feel handicapped in one respect only. Our school is lacking in facility of computer education.
The need of computer education is felt nowadays by everyone. We know that the modern age is moving fast. The frontiers of knowledge are spreading fast and unfolding something new every moment. To cope with the inflow of scientific and technical data, knowledge of computers is a must. The computers play a vital role in banks, business houses, railways, airlines, science laboratories and research centres. Without effective training in computer learning, the students will not be equipped to cope with the problems they are likely to face in the forthcoming career. If we have to compete with other countries in the field of science and technology, the knowledge-of computers must be imparted at an early age.
Keeping in view the facts stated above, I request you to arrange computer learning facility in our school at the earliest.
Hope to have a favourable consideration.
Yours obediently
Rajat Mittal

Question 23:


Write a letter to the Chairman, C.B.S.E. Preet Vihar, requesting him to reduce the number of paragraphs for reading skills because an average student fails to complete the paper within the prescribed time-limit.
275, Ajmal Khan Road
Karol Bagh
New Delhi-110015
9 March 20XX
The Chairman
Preet Vihar, Delhi
Sub: Reduction in Number of Paragraphs for Reading Skills
I agree with the maxim that exams are the test of one’s knowledge, skill and ability. But I am not in favour of the number of paragraphs set for reading comprehension and note¬making. These passages tend to be tedious and boring. The students have to spend more time to read, analyse and understand them and answer the questions. The result is that students fail to complete the paper within the prescribed time limit. Thus these passages harass the students. They do not relish writing answers to them.
In view of the poor performance of the students in reading skills, I request you, sir, to consider the case of reducing the number of paragraphs for reading skills. I am confident that two passages of shorter lengths will unable students to give better performance. Hope to have a favourable consideration.
Yours faithfully
Aviral Pande

Question 24:


Write a letter to the Chairman CBSE with suggestions to make the curriculum of SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) effective for real life.
21-B, Virât Colony
New Delhi-110095
6 March 20 XX
The Chairman
Preet Vihar
New Delhi
Sub: Curriculum of SUPW
The curriculum of SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) is quite vast and contains many interesting and useful activities. The choice of subjects/projects has been left to the institutions. This has led to a very disturbing state. Many schools have no provision or facilities for the hobbies/subjects introduced for the senior secondary classes. There is no field work or practical participation of students. These periods are reduced to one-way lectures only. The students are so disillusioned that they call SUPW as ‘some useful periods wasted’. It will be better to prescribe a limited number of crafts/hobbies suiting the local conditions and availability of raw material. Please try to make the curriculum of SUPW relevant and effective for real life.
Yours faithfully

Question 25:


You are Mohnish/Mahima Oswal, parent of a student of class 10th. Write a letter to the Principal, Excellent Academy, 25 Model Town, Hisar, requesting him to open a career counselling centre in the school to help and guide the students in the choice of subjects at + 2 level as well as at college level and to give other valuable advice/suggestions.
51, College
Road Hisar
16 March 20XX
The Principal
Excellent Academy
25, Model Town
Sub: Request to open a career counselling centre
My son, Anuj, is a student of class X in your school and is currently appearing in the Board examination. Very soon, he and other students of his class will have to make an important decision. They will have to select the stream/subjects they should opt for at the +2 level. As you know, this is the most crucial decision of a student’s life. Most of the parents are unaware of the latest trends in educational/job fields. I, therefore, request you to kindly open a career counselling centre in your school to help your students make the correct choice according to their aptitudes/talents as well as future job prospects. Expert guidance in the field will prove invaluable to the young students.
I hope you will consider my request favourably.
With regards and best wishes.
Yours faithfully
Mahima Oswal

Question 26:


You are Rajat/Rajani Walia, Head Boy/Girl of your school. Request your Principal in writing to arrange extra classes in Maths for the students of XI and XII classes. Give detailed reasons to support your demand.
Examination Hall
8 January 20XX
The Principal
ABC Sr. Sec. School
XYZ City
Sub: Extra Classes in Maths
The other day we were admonished about poor performance in Maths in the Pre-Board Examination. We have tried to search our souls, rack our brains and find out the fault. The reason is quite obvions. Our Maths lecturer retired in August and stop-gap arrangements were made for three months by appointing temporary hands. Only last month we were
able to get the guidance from an expert and competent teacher like Mr. B.M. Garg. However, a lot of our course remains uncovered and proper justice cannot be done to it in the regular periods only. . .
Moreover, we have to make up our deficiency. Drill, revision and classroom tests also require certain periods. In view of the paucity of time available to us between now and the commencement of board examination, it is requested that some extra classes before/after school hours be arranged in Maths for XI and XII classes.
I hope that the request of the students will be acceded to without any delay.
Yours obediently
Rajani Walia
Head Girl

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