Exam Style Practice Question – DP Physics SL

Exam Style Practice Question – DP Physics SL

Exam Style Practice Question – DP Physics SL

Solving questions mindlessly without a solid conceptual understanding will not be of much help, at the same time just going through theory without looking at Exam Style question will not leave much concept in your mind. Hence it is very essential that you go through exam style question for each topic you cover. Here you will huge number of relevant exam style questions topic wise. 

Exam Style Practice Questions, IBDP Physics SL Paper 1 - First Assessment 2025

SL Paper 1

  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Paper 1 is presented as two separate booklets.
  • Paper 1A : 25 marks
    • 25 multiple-choice questions on standard level material only
    • No marks are deducted for incorrect answers.
  • Paper 1B:  20  marks
    • data-based questions
  • Data booklet provided
  • 36 % weight
  • Marks: 45

SL Paper 2

  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Weighting: 44%
  • Marks: 55
  • Short-answer and extended-response questions on standard level material only.
  • Data booklet provided

Exam Style Practice Questions, IBDP Physics SL Paper 2 - First Assessment 2025


Most frequent questions and answers
Paper 1 will be of 2 sections
  • Paper 1A: MCQ covering entire syllabus
  • Paper 1B: Data Analysis Question mainly with Graph related and units and uncertainty
Paper 2 Will also have two sections
  • · Shorts response questions and
  • · Extended response questions – One for SL and 2 for HL
4 Options topics are removed. These are distributed in core syllabus
Internal Assessment
Students will be encouraged to work in small group. However, students will be submitting individual reports of maximum word count of 3000. More weightage is given for higher order thinking. 50 % for conclusion and evaluation.

IBDP Physics SL 2025 Exam Style Questions here is as per latest syllabus of Fist Assessment 2025

STEP 1: Study ONE topic per day. 

When you get much closer to the exam – try to squeeze in topics 3 and 8 into one day. This will give you time for STEP 5

STEP 2: For each topic, randomly choose

  • 5 Paper 1 questions; and

  • 5 Paper 2 questions

Try the questions and mark using the markscheme. You will want to work in 40 minute time blocks. Set your timer and turn off any distraction. Have a 10 minute break between sessions

STEP 3: Note down your mistakes
If there’s anything you got wrong – note what you learned from the markscheme about the question in your revision notes

STEP 4: Don’t overthink
DON’T overthink or spend a long time focusing on any one concept. If you have time in the day before the exam you can cram it, but in the meantime, just hope it doesn’t come up in the paper.

STEP 5: Unseen Questioning
You need to know the kind of questions that can be expected on the exam day, a final unseen mock exam (that you set for yourself) will help familiarize you with the syllabus, pattern and difficulty level of the actual exam. Try to do this 2-3 days before the final exam.
I have mock exam here

After finishing of each chapter of IBDP Physics SL , Students should Practice Exam Style Questions for that Topic 

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