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Focused Tutoring

Our IB Physics tutors embrace this through individualised lessons focussed on concept-specific techniques to ensure success. We will Dive into the weak areas until you have everything 100%.  Plus, you’ll have access to exam-style questions, weekly Practice Tests and much more! 

Hand Picked IB Physics Tutors

Our IB Physics tutors have personal experience with the IB Physics course, at Standard and Higher levels. Their first-hand experience with the subject and their expertise in tutoring come together to provide goal-oriented lesson plans.

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Excellent  IB Physics Lessons 

With our online courses, you can efficiently revise for your class tests and final IB exams all while spending less time and effort studying!. We’ve taken everything you need to know and collated it into 1 online course. That way, you can save time studying and enjoy your life instead!



Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice answering 100s of IB style questions organized by topic. Each question includes the mark-schemes from past exams, ensuring you know how to answer anything the examiners throw your way!



Online Lessons with a Week End Schedule

Our 1-1 IB Physics lessons are conducted virtually to allow for maximum flexibility. Got no time between school and extracurricular activities? No problem! Our IB tutors will work with you to provide sessions that fit into your busy schedule.


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